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Full Version: Grey Fox crushes Vault fighter
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Amaris "The Lonely One" Imperious was rated quite highly by those at the Dragons Vault but after just 4 rounds with Team Judah fighter Grey Fox it appears he'll have to change his career.

Fox annihilated Imperious.

Check this out...

The Lonely One is sucking wind. He has his left eye swollen shut. He has his right eye swollen shut. He has a serious cut below his left eye. He has a serious cut below his right eye. He has a serious cut over his left eye. He has a serious cut over his right eye. He has a fractured nose. He has a broken jaw.

The doctor called the fight off as the grotesquely swollen and battered Imperious sat on his stool a battered and thoroughly beaten fighter.

Dipsy Gawn, who commentated on the beat down simply said, "It was man against boy in there. I've felt for some time that those Vault fighters are fragile but I never expected to see anything quite like that."

BTW, amazingly, despite the hammering he took, Imperious didn't get any injury points from the fight!
That's unbelievable...I was ready to give up on Fox...
I don't know why you thought about giving up on him. Imperious is a pretty decent contender but he got absolutely crushed.

Now he'll face another hotly tipped star of the future in Arena SHO prospect "Primetime" Elix Skipper. The once beaten Skipper has talked about being world champion even before he turned pro. This will be a good gauge to see if he is better equipped than Grey Fox.

"Imperious gonna be easy work. 160 pounds is my house!"
Imperious has told Skipper he will come to cause an upset but declared, "If he thinks he can knock me out he's in for a shock. I've got a granite beard."
Impreius does have a great chin.

Listen, Fox is a freakish athlete..the man was born with amazing punching power and speed.

The beating, Imperius took from Fox was really bad but Fox couldn't knock him down....but Imperius might not be the same after that...

A lesser man would've been done by round 3 that night.

Imperius UD12 Skipper in a good fight.
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