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Full Version: Bunter - "I'm anti-American"
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World heavyweight title challenger Teddy Bunter has risked the wrath of the USA by declaring at the final press conference for his fight with champion "Too Tall" Tony Maxwell, "I'm anti-American!"

In an extraordinary outburst which has embarrassed his countryman, Bunter told female reporter Beverly Shaw, "I don't care if I upset people, I've done it all my life. I don't like Americans, I'm anti American. I'm on a quest to bust up all the American fighters, make them bow down and kiss my ring. To me they are just arrogant big heads and the women....shit, they look like plastic dolls. (He then begins to verbally dissect Miss Shaw, who has obviously had plastic surgery, before continuing his rant against Americans in general.) Yeah, I mean, look at all the fuckin people over there....they all think they rule the world, they think they can squash everyone else just cos they got a big country. Well I'm in America and I'll be taking the title from an American, back to London, the pride of the world. Maxwell is just a lanky streak of piss. He'd be better off playing that fags game they do over there...what is it? Netball or some fuckin shit like that. I'll gladly look everyone American square in the face and tell them I hate them all as a nation. Black, white, hispanic, whatever, I hate them all. They can all kiss my ring!"

Fight promoter Harold "Harry" Angus looked visibly uncomfortable during the rant but later told reporters, "I think he was just trying to get himself psyched up. I don't think he means what he said. As an American myself I have never had a problem dealing with him. I think what he said was said in bad taste and he certainly won't win any popularity contests in the US, but I don't really believe he meant what he said."

"Bunter, if we both win our next fights, it's only natural we fight. USA vs. UK baby. I'm recognized as the greatest American fighter of all time and you're a rising star from UK. I'd make you look like a boy."
Just like I thought....Bunter is a Cockney BUM....a trashmouthed heathen with 0 skills.

OWNED! by Maxwell....laugh.gif
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