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Full Version: Let's talk Heavyweights....
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These are my personal rankings:

Champion: Tony Maxwell (28-10-5)
1. Larry Holmes (39-6-4)
2. The Prince (32-7-1)
3. Jorge Alcarez (27-4--0)
4. Carlton Leach (23-1-0)
5. Alexander Povketin (27-3)
6. Teddy Bunter (21-1-0)
7. Evander Holyfield (37-21-2)
8. James Roper (34-16-0)
9. Kinto Mulberry (32-7-0)
10. Giant Man II (19-0-0)
Slax Mason Greer beat The Prince but lost a controversial split decision so I can't put The Prince at number 2. Peligro will also always be a threat to anyone because he is such a strong fighter.

Just outside the top 10 there are many other heavyweights all vying for a spot at the top.

Jacob Babylon, who knocked out Lanky "Maxy" Gawn, Narcisco Maldonado, who won a war with Slice and has beaten three of my hopefuls recently also looks a threat. Elvin "The Komodo Dragon" Smalls may also earn a top 10 spot in time, although he has been largely untested and needs to meet a top contender before he can be taken seriously.

And don't forget Harry Angus can bring himself back into the mix anytime he wants it. Plus Deep Freeze is hoping for a title shot as well.

The heavyweights are stacked.

Holmes-Harold will happen down the line.....

Holmes will make an offer Harold can't refuse.
Angus wants a big fight, a huge fight but every time one gets close to happening his potential opponent loses. So he remains content to have relatively safe fights whilst he waits for a block buster of an event to be made.

He needs to meet an opponent who is on a great winning run, somebody who is dominating. Right now there isn't anyone that excites him enough to tempt him into taking the risk. What would beating Holmes prove? Holmes lost recently and didn't box well. Red Death wasn't convincing last night either (I think he lost) and Allan Green is now retired.

I honestly don't know if Angus will ever face a massive opponent again.
Once again....The Prince fought down to his opponent's level...I am trying to break him of this habit....but it's a difficult task....

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt...with his genius and skills....he is potentially the absolute best Heavyweight of all time.

Yeah heavyweight is a great division right now. Probably the only one, but its nice to see that one is heavyweight. Lots of great fighters there and with that open weight limit there are just so many possibilities creating a fighter that it seems unlikely to see a dominating fighter right now.
Red Death long ago gave up on the idea of a fight with Angus. Angus doesnt want to fight the top fighters in each division. He wants to fight the most vulnerable.
Speaking of Red Death, he doesn't have much left to do at CW....Red Death at HW would be real interesting...
QUOTE(BigJuicyHog @ Nov 23 2008, 08:10 PM) [snapback]412620[/snapback]
Red Death long ago gave up on the idea of a fight with Angus. Angus doesnt want to fight the top fighters in each division. He wants to fight the most vulnerable.

Angus was about to sign for the Red Death fight and it's well documented on here somewhere. Red Death blew it by losing. Is that Harold's fault?

Nah, didn't think so.
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