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Full Version: Zab Judah faces young contender Mitul "Eye" Piyeh
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This is a pretty good fight. Piyeh just beat a legend Quintana by decision.
QUOTE(Mitul Piyeh)
This next Sunday...I will be fighting yet another Legend in Zab Judah....a man my coach deeply I will respect him I beat 5 shades of shit out of him.

I know I'm the best Super Lightweight in The World, and I will continue to prove it until the gold is around my sexy waist.
Piyeh seems to be afraid to rematch the Fatman in Manchester. Ricky wants the winner. Imagine Zab Judah vs. Ricky Hatton in Wembley ohmy.gif

"And I DEEPLY respect fighters from II, yo...the late great Maussa and McPheerson are my boys for as for Piyeh, it was only natural for US to fight since he beat a man dat beat me and I just ko'd a champion....but check it, no mo' losses for me. I love Piyeh as a young fighter BUT it wont stop me from devouring him....basically, I'll be too much man for the boy!!! He is prey to me! And as for The BITCHman Ricky Hatton, when you become undisputed champ, I'll fight you at the Wembly Stadium! back to piyeh, your from II so naturally, u got balls and u proved it for taking THIS fight but i will take YOUR SOUL! hopefully you learn from this beatdown, young grasshoppa..just how i learned from beatings when i was younger!"

*The fight is ALREADY sold out.
The young, Hindu future Champion speaks...

You listen here, tough guy. You will NOT take my Soul. My Soul is protected by The Almighty Shiva herself. I am praying to Genesha everyday for Good Fortune. I am engaging in all kinds of ancient Kama Sutra positions designed to enhance Focus and Power. I've sworn off curry and slurpies and am nearing Nirvana as I speak....

I will be 100% for this fight as having Zab Judah as a notch will look very, very shiny...

Zab Judah...

Look mothafucka, All i know is on Sunday collect my damn drug money, design my teef wit grillz and give u a BEATDOWN!!! Then after that Ima rob Dipsy Gawn a beatdown, cuz u know how I do? Im a BROOKLYN OG!!!

See Piyeh, you remind me of another Indian, and he comes from the show the Simpons...I will beat your ass and we can eat chicken curry after the fight...

Learn from the beating boy!!!
Judah fought his heart out and scored 2 knockdowns but was outpointed by Piyeh in the end..another classic.
That was a great for the books....Piyeh decided to go the glory route with power punches with him as long as he could...

QUOTE(Mitul Piyeh)
Zab's still got it....I know I wouldn't have survived if he was still in his prime.....I walked through Hell tonight and am paying the price......I am in immense pain....I am shitting blood and seeing double...(gets woosy).....that's all for now...I need a moment....
In the post-fight conference..Judah had this to say.
QUOTE(Zab "Super" Judah)
Piyeh won the fight by a point...Da boy showed his inexperience in the 2nd half of the fight and I did hurt him in the end but the kid sucked it up and pulled it out, you know what I'm sayin....that's the mark of a true Champ...Piyeh can only get better from this fight, yo....As for me, I'm almost done as a fighter, U know...I lost some points in this fight, I took my share of hard punches too, you know what I'm sayin'...I'm proud of my performance though man...I mean, I been doing this a long time, hopefully I get one mo' belt befo' I call I hang em up'..I still want that Cotto fight! Is Brooklyn in da house? (Crowd cheers)
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