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Full Version: Darchinyan vs Arce signed
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2 million isnt a bad payday for Darchinyan. Looking forward to the trash talk at the press conferences laugh.gif
Darch will give Arce a solid fisting I think like he would have at any point.
I cant wait! Arce will be beaten badly.
i would automaticaly fail arce on his brain scan for asking for this fight. gotta give the little guy credit, stupid, but i'll give him credit. arce made me laugh when he said vazquez didn't want to fight him cuz he was scared... at least vic is gonna seal his mouth shut and wipe that stupid smile off his face.
I think this fight will be a lot more competitive then a lot of people seem to think.
It'll get competitive at times, but Darch will end up owning Arce with the straighter, stronger punches...
I'm taking Vic by KO, sometime in the middle rounds after a bloody war.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Nov 23 2008, 10:54 PM) [snapback]412655[/snapback]
I think it will be competitive, but I think Vic will stop him.

I can see that...a bloody, but offensive-minded Arce gets stopped.

I think this will be a fun fight.
It's about time Vic meets somone who will give and take what he has and hits just as hard or harder than he does.

Arce stops Vic with his trademark left hook to the body then everyone here will be saying Vic was nothing special to begin with ala Nonito fight.
QUOTE(Fitz @ Nov 24 2008, 12:10 AM) [snapback]412659[/snapback]
About time? What the hell are you talking about, are you forgetting that Vic has been calling Arce out for years? While Arce was ignoring him and moving up? About time..........Arce could have saved 'time' and this could have happened much earlier.

Relax bro. I just meant it's about time Vic will fight somone who will stand there and trade with him and possibly not be overwhelmed. I didn't say he was ducking Arce or vice versa.
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