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Full Version: Larry Holmes calls out Jorge Alcarez....wants Harold Angus too!
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The Former Heavyweight Champion speaks....

I'd like to call out Jorge Alcarez.

Listen Alcarez, you're probably the biggest puncher in Heavyweight history, next to my man Rey Stefo. And the Giant Man family. You`re pressure is hectic for ALOT of fighters.

It's about time we fought each other, Jorge.

I have a tune up with Goldberg and when I get past him, we can fight. Or after Goldberg and another tune-up. I need to get some rounds win.

No excuse for me losing to a guy like Tony Maxwell - my worst loss.

Good luck to Aaron Williams and Tony Maxwell, you boys have a good fight.

Alcarez, I saw your fight on HBO, my friend. You looked great vs. Leach. You looked like the future.

But to be the future, you must get past ME, Larry Holmes...a man that HAS beaten The Prince, Sennen Pink, Cyrus "Iron" Virus, Evander Holyfield, Lanky "Maxy" Gawn, Max Kellerman, Kinto Mulberry, Rey Stefo...and a man that has given Dipsy Gawn hell 3 times...all in their prime.

And I DON'T think you have what it takes to beat a Vet like me.

I know a win over you will get me an instant title shot against whoever the Champion will be...and more importantly to ME...a step closer to fighting Harold Angus.

Take care and train hard, Jorge. The Easton Assassin is coming to assassinate another fighter...and YOU ARE THE NEXT TARGET.

Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez has accepted the challenge and is looking forward to attack Holmes' body with vicious powershots.

Rumor is Peligro recently knocked out title challenger "Awesome" Aaron Williams in sparring.

Alcarez: "Holmes is one of the best fighters in history. Fortunately he aint scared anymore as it seems. But heres a fact: Hes got a soft body and he cant take none of my shots. I will show you in the ring and I will knock him out. Ill be Larry's nightmare."
Larry Holmes simply says...

"I'm glad you've finally accepted the challenge, Jorge. You're going to get embarrassed. And when I say embarrassed, I mean you're going to get your ass kicked and exposed."
Holmes is one of the few fighters the Big G has been able to keep at or near the top of his game.
Holmes is a special fighter. He will be in the Hall Of Fame when his career is over. He will retire for good in Jan of 2009...he wants the belt.
Holmes-Peligro has the makings of a classic. It's a really tough one to call. Peligro is dangerous but not unbeatable although he will take IP's off of his opponents like no other heavyweight can.

I'm calling it right now....Pedrigo will be STOPPED this Sunday. Then I will resume with my hunt for the title. That is all.
If Holmes gets by Alcarez like he should...The Prince want the rematch Holmes promised him....
It's on then.
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