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Full Version: Your Gym's Greatest Rivalries
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I have 4 for my Gym

1) Jong "Red Death" Shaoting vs Allan Greene. The 4 time Cruiserweight champ vs the former LHW Champ and two time cruiser champ.

Red Death won the first fight with a somewhat shocking UD over Green. He followed the first victory with a second victory over the long time LHW champ. Green avenged his losses with two straight decision victories over Shatoing, but Red Death got revenge in the rubber match via KO 8, sending the legend into retirement.

2) Jeremy "The Hammer" Mulder vs Yusaf Mack. Mack won their first encounter by SD, but Mulder came back in the rematch and KOed him in 10. Mack stormed back in the third meeting to win by KO 10, only to be stopped by Mulder in the 12th round of their final fight.

3) "Twiggy" Austin Harris vs Yuriorkis "Face of Arena" Gamboa. Gamboa not surprisingly won their first two fights by UD 12 and TKO 8. The huge upset was when Harris pulled off the upset UD victory in their 4th fight to put a stop to Gamboa's 50 plus fight unbeaten streak. In their final fight, Gamboa came out with a vengeance and dropped Harris in the 1st, only to be knocked out for the only time in his career in the 2nd round. Harris gave the legend his only two losses.

4) Luis "El Gallo" Singo vs Yutaka Niida. Singo is very long in the tooth and still very capable. He had fight results vs the much younger and stronger Niida of W UD 12, D12, W MD 12, L UD12, D 12, L SD12, and L UD 12. All of their fights have been amazingly close, and Singo has showed that he is still very crafty and capable of beating anyone on any given night.
Zab Judah vs. Miguel Cotto: Without a doubt, one of the most famous rivarlies. Cotto is 3-0 but every fight was a war and filled with shit talking! Loud mouth Judah vs. soft spoken Cotto.

Zab Judah vs. Carlos Maussa: Alot of shit talking and wars. 2nd fighter was a slow paced fight but the first and 3rd fights were absolute wars...Maussa passed away after the brutal 3rd fight.

Larry Holmes vs. Dipsy Gawn: Bitter rivals...3 competitive fights...Holmes arguably won the 1st and lost the next 2 in close fights. Quite possibly the two greatest Heavyweights of all time.
Tera Patrick-Miguel Cotto: Both fighters were in there prime. Despite giving up size by moving up in weight Patrick took 3 out of 4.

Brittany Skye-Luis Collazo: Every single fight was close. All ended in controversy .
Touch oF SleeP vs. Harold Angus - They never fought but it's still a great rivalry laugh.gif

Super vs. Simms - They fought 5 times with Simms taking 4 out of 5 but all their fights were very competitive as they were the 2 top Jr. Middleweights of the generation.

Lights Out vs. Zab Judah - They fought 1 time but had the biggest drama in webl history with Zab's kidnapped wife.

Running Man vs. Zab Judah - They fought 4 times with Running Man taking 3 out of 4.

No Fear vs. Frankie Skipton - They fought 4 times with with No Fear taking 2 out of 4 with one draw.

No Fear vs. Montiel - They fought 3 times in 3 seperate Divisions with Montiel taking 1 and the other 2 fights ending in draws. laugh.gif

Here We Go vs. Z Gorres - Although the rivalry was short lived with only 2 fights, they fought for the #1 P4P Ranking and the Undisputed Bantamweight Titles as the 2 greatest little man fighters in the game.

Miguel Cotto vs. Zab Judah - No need to say more.

Miguel Cotto vs. Tera Patrick - Patrick took 3 out of 4 from this one. Patrick was the first fighter to ever knockout Cotto while Cotto returned the favor and knocked out Patrick and sent her to her first retirement.

Joan Guzman vs. The Lightweight Division - laugh.gif Ridiculous how Guzman held down the Lightweight Division for 6 months against numerous Undefeated #1 contenders or 1 loss #1 contenders.
QUOTE(CyruS @ Nov 30 2008, 01:50 PM) [snapback]413437[/snapback]
Touch oF SleeP vs. Harold Angus - They never fought but it's still a great rivalry laugh.gif

Its talked about in every pub, club, bar, sitting room, barbers, train get my drift.

When fellas talk boxing, the subject of Angus-TOS always raises its head and people are divided as to who they think would have won such a momentous fight.

Angus gave up on the idea a long time ago but secretly he still wants the fight. When rumours circulated concerning a possible Deep Freeze-TOS fight, Harold is said to have smashed up the front room of one of his houses in a rage of jealously.

The only reason he still fights today is so that he is always in tip top condition just in case TOS throws out a challenge to him. He knows he wants it more than TOS but doesn't feel he needs it because he is still regarded as one of history's greatest ever fighters.

Angus hasn't mentioned the name TOS for a long time now but when fight fans talk about SleeP they talk about Angus too, and vice-versa.

The greatest rivalry in boxing history may be going too far but it's huge nontheless, even though they'll never fight one another.
Welterweight Champ Jimmy Jack Judah while in New Orleans getting a Haircut told me personally that TOS would knock Angus out in 8. He said if Butkiss could rock Angus like he did in their title fight while underweight, imagine what TOS would do.

I don't know about you, but I must agree with the southerner. laugh.gif
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