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Full Version: Maccarinelli Vs Hide
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Hide is willing to step in at 4 days notice to fight for the title.

If they fight, I see Enzo taking Hide out in a few rounds. Supposedly, Herbie looked like shit in his last fight. He's never had a great chin and there's no doubt Maccarinelli hits like a mule.

It's not for a great title, but it's a sort of interesting match up.....sort of......maybe.

I've not seen Herbie fight in ages.
I saw Hide not too long ago....his last fight where he won a Unanimous decision over 6 rounds against some bloke from Poland who I won't even attempt to spell his name.

Anyway, Hide looked pretty shitty and doesn't look good enough to compete with Big Mac at this stage of his career. Having said that, he can still punch I suppose but his chin has always been dire.

The fight hasn't been made has it? Hope it is....they'll be a guaranteed knock out to look forward to at least.
" Cruiserweight champion Giacobbe Fragomeni won the vacant title and according with the WBC Rules, has to make two mandatory defenses. The mandatory fight is Fragomeni vs. Krzystof Wlodarczyk. Purse bid date: December 19, 2008. An elimination fight was approved between Herbie Hide and Matt Godfrey. Purse bid date: December 19, 2008 " ( this was before macc/hide possibility. either way, it looks like an L for hide, cuz matt probably would ko him too.)

I'm not underestimating Herbie...he is experienced and DESPERATE for a last big fight.

If I was him I'd not bother with the Macca fight...shit title, late notice, no win situation. I'd hold out for the Godfrey fight. If he wins that he gets a crack at one of the bona fide belts.

After all, the WBO belt did him no favours at heavyweight did it?

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