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Full Version: Team Judah prospect already making waves after 3 fights...
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David Archuleta is the truth. He KO'd Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson and Flashy Jackson both in the first round and will most likely be doing the same to former Champ Rafael Ortiz who beat Miguel Cotto and drew with Kelson Pinto. He is just 3-0, 3 KO's.

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Yeah, but you are obviously throwing these fights, so it doesnt really mean anything. Put him in with Pinto and see what happens to his carried ass.
David Archuleta is going to become a ring legend.

Dipsy Gawn's wife has set up the David Archuleta appreciation society and Dipsy himself has offered the young kid all the advice he ever needs to become champion of the world.

He simply cannot fail.

Really, how could you hate on someone like little David

Dipsy was spotted with a I <3 David shirt....

BJH, give David time to grow....why do you want a beast like Pinto to pick on a teenager with 3 fights (3 great wins)? Pinto should wait for David to reach level 17 at least and he will drill your boy Pinto.
Its not that he is winning fights, it is that he is winning fights against fighters he realistacally has no shot against. Obviously thrown.

WeBL Commisioner: David Archuleta and Zab Judah are currently under investigation for allegations of doping fighters to decrease performance as well as possible offering money to throw fights. Flashy Jackson and Too Sharp have been around for many years and never acted the way they did in their fights versus young Archuleta. Zab has been overheard refering the Mr. Archuleta as "meal ticket". Ivestigators from the other Gyms will be used in this matter.
Harold "Harry" Angus says he is "keeping an eye" on David Archuleta's fights and admits, "Something strange is happening over there at Team Judah."

Angus recently accused Team Judah of bribing Jose Luis Ramirez to take a dive against Zab Judah but he dropped his plans to report the incidents to the Webl commission.

However, having seen Archuleta beat fighters he shouldn't be beating, Angus warned, "If I get a sniff of something being dodgy I will shut Team Judah down. Trust me, I am armed to the hilt with everything I need and it will only take one phone call to set the ball in motion. Zab Judah is a cretin. For the minute I will let things slide but if BJH and others insist on an investigation I will not hesitate to look into things further."

No controversy. Johnson and Jackson are shot and they got KO'd by an INCREDIBLE young with it...Archuleta WILL be the face of WeBL!!!!

Archuleta will now fight Juan Miguel Cotto, a 140 pound contender
Archuleta KO's Cotto in 1 round.

KO 1 Juan Miguel Cotto
KO 1 Rafael Ortiz
KO 1 Mark Johnson
KO 1 Flashy Jackson
TKO 10 Arturo Gatti
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