Boxing is slowly but surely starting to become "a want to watch" sport again by the general public. All these "dream matches" and "mega" bouts are starting to draw some attention. To hardcore boxing fans most of these are jokes like Calzaghe vs. Jones (even though he's my favorite) and most recently DLH vs. Pac-Man to name a couple. But to the general public these are major events with a lot of meaning to them. Remember I said general public, not to those who really follow boxing.

I seen a headline on another site ( where it said boxing doesn't need to be saved but watched. These past few years people have been tuning in more to boxing events and the popularity level of boxing is slowly but surely beginning to rise again. Not only that we are starting to see more new and young faces making a name for themselves in the sport while some (not all) of the older fighters are slowly being forced out. My question is, in the next five years where do you see the state of boxing considering the economy, level of competition, promoters, fighters, and etc.

Personally I think there will be more free televised bouts on networks such as Versus. I think Spike TV will eventually start showing a couple of bouts as well but I'd love for ABC to show regurlarly scheduled bouts. I love boxing and a season of Wednesday and Friday Night Fights on ESPN is not enough. I think all it takes is for one network to make the jump and become somewhat successful then others will attempt to do the same.

In the next five years I see:
Golden Boy as the number one promotional company with a lot of mega/mismatches.
Bradley will be Undisputed WW Champ
Margarito will have about 4 more loses added to his record
David Haye will unify the belts and a big heavyweight title fight will be lined up between him and Deontay Wilder but the division will still suck
Chad Dawson will still be undefeated
Carl Froch will have been KO'd a few times
The 130 and below divisions will still be the most exciting to watch.
Winky Wright will still be pricing himself out in his early 40's(even though I like him)
Jame Toney, Roy Jones Jr., Joe Calzaghe, Bernard Hopkins, and Floyd Mayweather will all be in the HOF
People will still claim Joe Calzaghe is one of the top 10 fighters of all time
There will be less pay-per-views but cost $15 more than now.
Versus will be airing Championship bouts for FREE
Bob Arum will still be trying to get over on people along with Don King
last but not least we'll still be on debating over the same topics such as "who all could be a prime Mike Tyson", "Mayweather ducked Margarito", "Why DLH is hated so much", and so on.

What do you guys think?