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Full Version: Angus - "Lack of charismatic characters is killing our sport!"
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Harold "Harry" Angus has claimed that PPV sales are dying and interest in our beloved sport is waning due to a "serious lack of charisma amongst the games leading stars."

Speaking at a convention in New York Angus told reporters, "The sales don't lie. People won't buy into a sport if the people they are supposed to be buying into lack any sort of charisma. Some fights go by without even a one line comment from either fighter. That shit stinks and it's turning the fans away in their droves. The serious lack of charismatic characters is killing our sport and something needs to be done about it. I feel that it is the fighters right to help aid the promotion of their fights. Some champions win a belt, make a couple of defences, lose the belt and nobody has ever heard them speak a single word. It's a travesty. I'd be happy if we lived in a world where every single fighter, good or bad spent a great amount of their time trash talkin' towards their next opponent. That's how a fighter gains a personality and to be honest with you all I look around and I don't see any real personalities in the game no more. Yeah there are still the old school fighters, like myself, who like to speak to the press but if it wasn't for us few we would be living in a world of faceless names. I call for all gyms to play an active role in ensuring their fighters do their duty to the fans and give something back to the sport. Otherwise I see our sport coming to a very inglorious ending."
Cyrus has few fighters thumbsdown_anim.gif

He needs to create more.
Sorry, I try to talk trash from time to time, but it isnt my favorite part of the game.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Dec 5 2008, 02:40 PM) [snapback]414325[/snapback]
Cyrus has few fighters thumbsdown_anim.gif

He needs to create more.

QUOTE(Nigel McGuinness - Former Undisputed Light Heavyweight World Champion)
It's obvious what the problem is, I am so bloody charismatic that the system is holding me back. While I am in the bathroom after I have had my tea and crumpets, I shit more charismatic turds than most of the fighters here today. The system is holding back the Pride of The U.K. and that system is run by bloody Americans. I refuse to fight for Americans, In America and infront of American Fight Fans. They robbed me so I will rob them of watching a true charismatic fighter. God Bless The Queen.
I think the league might dying because of the lack of new fighters. We have to retire the old fighters and create new ones.
Yeah theres definitely a lack of prospects. Also I think you guys tend to retire fighters too quickly after a loss without having another fighter coming up!?
Right now I have

David Archuleta 4-0-0 (4 KO's)
Mikkel Kessler (2-0-0)
Dimitri Salita (4-0-0)
Bernard "Bitchslapper" Leonard (4-0-0)
Jeremy Jabroni (11-0-0)
Antonio Tarver (2-4-0)
Fernando Morales (15-4-2)

And my newest top contendr is Grey Fox (20-3-0)

Blayde I also love what your doing with these quality contender/bum gyms. Some of these guys have upset my prospects. Their a challenge!
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