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Full Version: The Official Aaron Williams - Giant Man 3 World Heavyweight Championship Thread
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Tonight marks a big time match up for the World Heavyweight Championship.

"Awesome" Aaron Williams (26-5-0 17KOs) puts his newly won World Heavyweight Title on the line against Undefeated 7 foot 1 inch Behemoth, Giant Man III (20-0-0 20KOs)

Aaron Williams is a notorious inside fighter but chances are he will leave his balls at home and fight scared against the Offensive Power House known as Giant Man III. Giant Man III has dedicated tonight's fight to his late GrandFather, Giant Man. Can Giant Man III finally bring it home? Or will he suffer the fate of the Giant Man family? Will Aaron Williams dare to be great and fight on the inside to find out who is the biggest puncher between the 2 of them? Or will The Defending World Champion fight skurred.

While Giant Man III has dedicated the fight to his grandfather, III is also looking out for blood as Aaron Williams fought Giant Man on September 7, 2008 where Williams won via KO in round 6, but it was a war neither side has forgotten. Just take a look at the results


Awesome is sucking wind. He has his left eye nearly swollen shut. He has his right eye swollen shut. He has a cut below his left eye. He has a cut over his left eye. He has a serious cut over his right eye. He has a fractured nose.

Giant Man requires medical attention from his trainer. He has his left eye badly swollen. He has his right eye swollen shut. He has a cut below his left eye. He has a serious cut below his right eye. He has bleeding over his left eye. He has a cut over his right eye. He has a bloody lip.

-- ------

So who do you have in this titanic battle?
Giant Man KO 1.

Aaron Williams is the worst heavyweight champion in the leagues history!!!!!
There has been reports going around that Giant Man III is seeing his dead grandfather's spirit in his locker room ....

I wanna be the first to congratulate Giant Man III....I think I blessed him....I voted for him by KO right at 3 AM......... wink.gif
Wow...a Giant Man is finally champ. this might be one of the happiest moments in all of history...but the original Giant Man (RIP) DESERVED to be champion.
Giant Man III : "My GrandFather was in the ring with me."

Fresh off his first round destruction of now former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Aaron Williams, Giant Man III the newly minted World Heavyweight Champion had a few things to say at his post fight press conference.

FH : What went on in your mind going into this fight?

GM III : That I had no choice but to win. I had to lift the family curse of being unable to win the World Heavyweight Title. Tonight I did just that.

FH : There has been some scattered reports that you've been seeing your Grandfather, 4-time World Title Challenger, Giant Man....

GM III : His spirit came to see me. He trained with me. Gave me advice. He was there in the ring with me, fighting with me. It sounds crazy but it's true. My Grandfather came down from heaven and lent me his immense strength to add on to my own for this victory.

FH : Any idea who you want to face next for your first title defense?

GM III : I challenged Harold Angus not to long ago. He said he would fight me if I won the World Heavyweight Title. He probably said that thinking no Giant Man could win the title so he could be safe, he was wrong. I stand before you all as the World Heavyweight Champion. I want my first title defense to be against Harold Angus.

FH : If you can't get Harold to be your first defense...

GM III : Harold Angus will be my first defense. He must face me.

FH : Anything you wish to say in closing?

GM III : I want to thank my family for sticking by me even though they did not want me to join this sport because of what happened to my Grandfather and the failure of my Father. I want to thank all the fight fans out there that have showed me immense love because they know all you are going to see from me is knockouts and knockouts EARLY. I like to thank the 36 Chambers Of Death for all their support to me and my family. I specifically like to thank Dipsy Gawn. Not to many people know about this but he is responsible for my match making and bringing me to this point, I am sure he is very proud at what we accomplished here tonight. And to everyone else, stay tuned because I will bring you more exciting fights.
Harold "Harry" Angus congratulated Giant Man III on his title winning performance but refused to commit to a possible challenge against the monstrous knock out machine.

Angus said, "It's a great achievement by him and his Grandfather would be so proud. I will look at the options and the contracts on offer and make my decision sometime during the week. Right now I'm not going to commit. We'll see."
Is Angus ducking Giant Man?
Fighthype webl today caught up with Harold "Harry" Angus at his Krumbsnatcher gym in London and managed to grab a brief interview with the legendary cruiserweight.

FH - All the talk of late has been about a proposed match between yourself and the new heavyweight champion of the world, Giant Man III. Have you began negotiations for the clash yet?

HA - Nope.

FH - Well do you expect negotiations to start shortly? It's a fight the public are very interested in seeing?

HA - No, it's a fight the Angus haters want to see because they do not believe I can beat this man. They want me to take the fight, get crushed in 1 round and retire for good. Or, they want me to turn the fight down so they can say I ducked Giant Man III.

FH - Well surely that gives you the motivation you need to prove them wrong doesn't it?

HA - Nope. I don't have to do anything, fight anyone, talk to anyone. My legacy is signed, sealed, delivered. If I take the fight it's because I want to take the fight, and not for any other reason.

FH - But you did say that if Giant Man III beats Aaron Williams you would fight him in his first defense. Giant Man III has achieved his side of the bargain, now surely it's up to you to take the fight?

HA - Listen, Harold "Harry" Angus is a cruiserweight. I'm 6'4"...200Ibs. This guy is over 7ft tall, weighs twice as much as me, is half my age....there are a lot of reasons to walk away from this fight. Just as many in fact, as there are reasons to take it. I haven't made a decision either way yet.

FH - When will you make a decision?

- In good time. My relationship with Giant Mans promoter is very very poor. Who knows if we can sit around the negotiation table and come up with something? As of right now I don't feel the fight will happen. We'll I said before, I am non-committal. Good bye.
QUOTE(Giant Man III - Heavyweight Champion Of The World)
I challenged you Harold Angus and you accepted if I would win the World Heavyweight Title. I did just that. You are back pedaling now because 1) You did not believe a Giant Man could win the World Heavyweight Title, a legit a Heavyweight Title unlike the one you won. 2) I believe after you witness back to back 18 point Fighters drop from my power you became scared. You thought I was some sort of one dimensional push over. I am one dimensional but I am no pushover. You should have never lay down terms if you did not want to fight me. But you did. I accomplished those terms, it is now time you step up. It's time for you to face me. You want a true taste of glory? You want a real Heavyweight Title? I am right here. Keep you end of the bargain.
Harold "Harry" Angus has been training seriously for the first time in months as speculation mounts that he will indeed challenge Giant Man III on Sunday. An insider at Krumbsnatcher today revealed, "Harry hasn't sparred since before his revenge fight with Lanky Gawn, so to see him in the ring today gave me a strong feeling that he is about to sign for the Giant Man III bout. He has been running 8 miles every morning, twice what he usually does, and has also kept his training behind closed doors....something he only ever did in big fight build ups. I'm convinced he will sign for the fight."

Angus left Krumbsnatcher via the fire escape this afternoon but our reporter was there waiting. Harold said, "There will be an announcement at 3pm UK time tomorrow afternoon. I have nothing further to say."
If Angus backs out, Red Death would be ready to move up to HW and take a shot at the title.
Giant Man III has said if a Champion like Red Death's caliber wants a fight with him for the World Heavyweight Title then he can get it.

However, Giant Man and Harold Angus is a done deal. Larry Holmes might have next so Red Death can get a shot after those 2. Or Red Death can slide in at Holmes's spot if Holmes backs out.
I think Angus will be knocked out, too. Hes too small to take Giant Mans shots.

But for sure he has a better chance than Williams because Williams really doesnt have a good chin. I can admit that, I think hes gonna rule Cruiserweight anyway wink.gif
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