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Full Version: joverated calslappy vs. dawson, will it happen?
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Since I strongly despise joe and enzo, I was just curious if ya'll think he will actually retire, or will he give me once more chance to hopefully see him knocked out?

Im really hoping the latter, since calzaghe really wants to give his hometown fans a final exit, and dawson has publicly stated that he would gladly go to cardiff to fight him...

Now, with that being said, on to the actual proposed fight...who do you guys see winning and why? just a simple synopsis or how the fight would play out....thanks for your time and opinions...
Dawson is good, but he isn't great. He still has some growing to do. I think calslappy could take him in a fight.

In reality, I highly doubt calslappy would take this fight. Don't think there is much money in it and you know if cal is going to fight again theres gotta be a lota dough on the table.
King Eugene
Not to be funny but a very similar thread to this was made right after the Jones fight. Not too many folks hear care about Calzaghe nor care to talk about him.

Joe will retire and go down as a British boxing legend...

Chad Dawson will be King of the Light Heavyweight division with or without Calzaghe.
it would be interesting to see if dawson can make the same adjustments that joe does in the late rounds of the fight. i would like to see this fight because it puts calzaghe in a position to beat a legitimate light heavy weight and not someone in the 40 and over club. Im still not impressed with joe. His best fight was against kessler, and while that was a good fight, it was not top notch american competition. He should fight at least one prime fighter to be considered great. Id like to see him and dawson more than pavlik.
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