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Full Version: The Official Giant Man III vs. Harold Angus World Heavyweight Championship Thread
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Sunday December 14, 2008 marks one of the biggest notable Heavyweight Title matches in quite some time.

The 7 foot 1 Inch, 390 pound, Undefeated Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Giant Man III (21-0-0 21KOs) puts his newly won title on the line against the Virtually Undefeated, Former 3-Time Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion Of The World & Former ABC Heavyweight Champion Harold "Harry" Angus (59-1-1 42KOs)

Will the Undefeated Heavyweight Champion offensive Behemoth Giant Man III who has never made it past the 2nd round, successfully defend his title against the Hall Of Famer? Or Will Harold Angus who has waiting all this time for a cherry picked Heavyweight Champion, seize the moment and capture a real World Heavyweight Title?

Giant Man III Career Highlights :

W KO 1 "Awesome" Aaron Williams - wins Heavyweight Title.


Harold Angus Career Highlights :

W UD 12, W UD 12 Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn - win over the future world champion
W UD 12, W UD 12, W KO 9 Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn - win over the future world champion. wins Undisputed Cruiserweight title for the 3rd time in fight 3.
W UD 12, W KO 6 Max Kellerman - wins cruiserweight title. wins Undisputed cruiserweight title in fight 2.
W KO 2 Tyrone "Soup Bone" Sloan - win over the future world champion
L KO 4, W UD 12 Lanky "Maxy" Gawn - avenges defeat to win ABC Heavyweight Title.
W UD 12 Aleksander Alexeev - win over the future world champion.
W UD 12, W KO 12 Richard "Dick" Butkiss - wins over the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Champion.
W UD 12 Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield - win over the future world champion.


Why the inverted commas over Angus' wins over Dipsy Gawn? At the time Angus boxed for Big Pineapple?

Anyways, I can't see Harold winning this one. He's become a liability at my gyms and I'm fed up with him. He'll give it his best shot but one punch from Giant Man III will decapitate him!
Oh yeah that's right he was in pinapple. It's been so long I forgot laugh.gif

My bad. laugh.gif

In more serious news, If Harold Angus doesn't show up to fight it will destroy his reputation as a fighter permanently. What I am saying is..... does Harold Angus actually have balls or is he leaving them at home?
Harold "Harry" Angus gave his final press conference before his big fight with Giant Man III and he looked in great shape as he spoke to the media.

"I feel good. I've trained for a short fight. It's me or him. He's the biggest puncher I've ever faced but he's not unbeatable. I will go toe to toe with him because I have much more speed, much more accuracy. If I run away for a few rounds I can beat him easily because he will tire out but the fans have come to see a fight and if I lose at least I'll fall on my sword. I don't want to rob the fans by running away. That ain't in my nature. Dipsy Gawn would box on the back foot in this fight and register a stoppage after about 6 rounds when Giant Man III is on the brink of collapsing from exhaustion. I will be throwing big shots of my own and I will punish this man so badly he won't lose from exhaustion, he'll lose by knockout. I'm prepared to climb off the floor. My sprint work in training has been the best I've ever done. I'm beating times I was doing when I was champ at cruiserweight. My stamina won't need to be tested because this is going to be a short brutal slug fest. The fans won't be able to blink, they won't sit down. This is what boxing is all about. It will be a menacing display of raw power. I've knocked out over 40 fighters because I can hit hard. I don't fight like Giant Man III. I'm not reckless. I'll be like a cobra in this fight. I will snap out the big shots and crush this behemoth to become champion of the world. Defeat hasn't entered my mind but I'm a realist. He punches right through the best guard....he'll break your arms to get at your chin, at your head, at your body. I might wake up a few hours after the fight with a broken jaw and a defeat but this is the fight game and I can deal with whatever happens. I'll do my best. If my best ain't good enough I'll hold my head high because I'm proud of myself. I feel good. I'm looking forward to the fight."
Wow Harold is the underdog. And Im pretty sure he will get KOd...
Angus Falls in 1!

Harold Angus is no longer virtually undefeated as he got run over by the Mack Truck of a Heavyweight Champion, Giant Man III in the first round of their championship fight.

Angus to his credit opened up the fight headhunting looking for a big counter punch to knock out the Behemoth, however that was not in the cards as Giant Man III overwhelmed Angus with his sheer size, strength and punching power and knocked Angus out with a Hook 1 minute and 7 seconds into the first round.

Giant Man III is scheduled to make the 2nd defense of his title against The Prince in a huge fight.

This is Karma for all of Angus corrupt BS!
I agree with Big G. Karma has come around and finally got Harold Angus in a huge KO defeat.
Harry wasn't too despondent after the defeat and was full of praise for the champion. He said, "It was a question of keeping my pride, bringing my balls and risking something like what happened tonight, or running away like a faggot in the hope that he tired so I could knock him out. I'm pleased I took the route I did. What's the point in not manning up? Giant Man III is a credit to his grandfather, he's a very dignified man and I wish him all the best. I don't see him being champion for long because of his style but I hope he can stay around for a while yet. People talk about karma and the like but behind the scenes I was matching Giant Man III with a lot of his opponents and I've helped build many a fighter with my match-making. I take no credit for it because I see it as my role, as a promoter, to build fighters up. I do a lot of hidden work behind the scenes because I love the fight game. Now I can concentrate fully on helping to build more fighters, make more fights and do all I can to keep this great sport alive and kicking. I will move back down to cruiserweight but I might not fight again. Who knows? Once again, well done Giant Man III and thank you for the opportunity. Good luck in the future."
QUOTE(Giant Man III - Heavyweight Champion Of The World)

I'd like to thank Harold Angus for being a man of his word and actually coming to fight to take my title away from me cleanly. It takes a tremendous amount of pride to try and do what he did when he was down 8 inches and 182 pounds. The man is a true Hall Of Famer. I am glad to have served in whatever way I could to bring Angus his fire back. For the first time in a long time he found a challenge to get up for. He found a challenge he was not sure he could overcome. I am sure it brought back the fire of his competitive championship days again such as his fight with Lanky Gawn, Alexeev and Butkiss. While there are many things said of Angus, he has been nothing but terrific in regards to myself. I thank him for tonight and hope he achieves all that he dreams of outside the ring.

I look forward to taking on this so called, uncrowned Heavyweight Champion The Prince next week. I hope Angus is there ringside. Aswell as Larry Holmes.
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