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Full Version: Big Feorge Goreman
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Big Feorge Goreman is a heavyweight legend. He is the man every young prospect loves to face because he is seen as a guaranteed victory. In 80 fights Goreman has lost 79 times, 77 of those losses coming by way of KO. His lone victory came when he stopped 0-55 fighter Tomato Jester after just 11 seconds. Jester could claim to be even worse than Goreman as a fighter but at just 4'10" and 101Ibs, Jester is not really a heavyweight, so his losses are understandable.

The 6'2" 274Ib Goreman is a bone fide heavyweight and we caught up with the man this morning as he prepared for his 81st bout against debutant Mulatto Patriot on Sunday December 21st.

FH Why do you keep putting yourself through the mill Mr Goreman? After 80 fights, surely you realise that boxing isn't for you?

BFG Uh? what? I forgot the question sir?

FH Why do you continue to fight?

BFG Oh um errrr...when is the fight?

FH You have fight no. 81 this weekend against a man making his debut and nobody in the world thinks you have a hope, so why fight on?

BFG (gazes out of the window)

FH Mr Goreman?

BFG Hello?

FH OK, Mr Goreman, I think we should call this now. Thank you for your time.

BFG (mumbles something incomprehensible and smiles)

Big Feorge Goreman is a legend of our times. It's just a shame we cannot find out any more about the man himself.

He has probably lost at least 5 AP by now...

I don't know what the dude was thinking when he made Feorge.....His conditioning must be around 2-3.
If you want to see one of the worst lower weight figters ever, go check out Sgt. Slaughter at Bums R Us. I believe he has lost double digit APs.
Tomato Jester used to weigh like 140 plus pounds, but all the beatings he has taken made him lose .....

66 APs..... lol.
Lol with 66 AP loss, what does he even still ahve stats in?
Tomato Jester (0-56-0 0KOs) all 56 losses by way of knockout.

66 AP's lost.

Current stats :

Str : 1
Speed : 1
Chin : 1
KP : 0
Agi : 1
CND : 1

IP : 447 on his way to AP loss #67....

laugh.gif ohmy.gif laugh.gif ohmy.gif

Those Jester stats are amazing! I never knew any fighter could get THAT bad.

Holy cow laugh.gif

Im curious if he can still pull off an upset one day ...
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