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Full Version: Deep Freeze pinning hopes on Erotic Thunder
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Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn has revealed he is under great pressure due to the worlds financial problems and things have gotten so bad he faces having to close his gym if protege Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton fails to become world champion within 3 fights.

Freeze told us today, "The global markets have hit us hard. We work on a shoe-string budget here and we need to repay our backers or face ruin. In Soul I feel we have the answer to all our prayers. He's a great prospect, a boxer who I believe can become a ring legend, but he needs to prove it in the ring and Sunday marks a big test for him. He faces RJ "The Freak" Mendoza and if he loses or looks bad in winning, things here will become very difficult. He knows we are under pressure, he knows he can lift us out of the gloom. We've all got our fingers crossed that he wins tonight. He really is our major hope."

The outspoken Canton has been bad mouthing every cruiserweight from Harry Angus to aaron Williams, claiming he is the greatest 200Ib fighter the world has ever seen. He told reporters, "Deep Freeze Entertainment don't need to worry bout nothin' man. I'm the present the future the now. I could whoop up on Harry Angus, Red Death Shaoting, Bad News Gawn, Kaitlin Ashley, Aaron Williams, Allan Green and all them other sucka mother fuckers who get props for being slops. I call 'em all out man. That goes for the retired Allan Green and that other two-bit one-time, flash in the pan brother man Richard "No Dick" Butkiss! I want names on my resume and I'm chasing every damn mother fucker who ever got props. I'm too damn good for everyone from cruiser to heavy. The Prince be riding high as heavyweight king right now but that mother fucker got nothin' on me. I'd take him to school, spank that ass and send him home for reflection class. I don't feel pressure man cos when you the best you don't fear a test and you never need to rest. I will not only save Deep Freeze Entertainment from extinction...I will bring distinction to our ailing gym. Richard "No Dick" Butkiss sleeps well at night. Allan "To" Green counts his money at night. These sucka mother fuckers need to lace em up and fight the MAN. Yeah baby, Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton bout to wreck havoc on ANY name who ever was, ever is, ever will be. I'm for real. I will fight anyone, anytime."
Due to hearing the troubles of Deep Freeze's gym, Touch oF SleeP is lending his support and is offering Nigel McGuinness a full release from his contract and transfer to Deep Freeze for free, no string attached. TOS had this to say

"The world is fucked up right now. We gotta support the fight game and everyone involved. It doesn't help me that I am helping a promotional rival but I can afford such things. Hopefully Deep Freeze can help his countryman Nigel McGuinness more than I could. Of course if Nigel were to fail after all that shit-talking then you know it wasn't me but him. He's got what he wants, lets see what he can do."

Maxy, I'll be dropping Nigel from my roster so you can just pick him up by checking out his page. (some reason I can't transfer fighters) Let me know when you're ready.
Deep Freeze Gawn is delighted and humbled by the offer made to him by TOS and has promised to repay him in turn at some point in the near future.

Freeze said, "TOS and I are good friends but I never expected an offer like this. I'm ready right now to take Nigel off his hands and do all I can to help the kid win back his belts!"

Cyrus, that means I'm ready.
Ok Nigel is dropped. Pick him up. I can't wait to hear Nigel's speech after this laugh.gif
Nigel McGuinness spoke to the press after his transfer to Deep Freeze Entertainment was completed. Holding his cup and saucer of finest Yorkshire tea he spoke calmly telling the media, "I'm bloody delighted. Those Yanks ruined me as a professional making me fight when I wasn't even training. I'm a pugilist specialist, a technician of the noble art. I love Britain, I love doing my morning runs in the rain and cold, popping into the pub for a swift pint with my old school chums, watching all the tele programs that I missed when I was with that yankee bloke, and drinking proper tea from a cup and saucer instead of some silly looking mug. I'm overweight and I need to work on that but its ok cos I am home now. It's a bloody terrific day. I was getting myself in a right old muddle wondering if I'd ever be free again. TOS was a nice enough chap for a yank but he isn't the sort of fella you want as your trainer. Now I'm home I feel bloody brilliant. God save the queen and have a good day chaps. I'm going for pie and mash at the local caff. Cheerio."

McGuinness will meet Adrian "The Shark" Diacona in his first bout under Deep Freeze Entertainments promotional banner.

Deep Freeze said, "Nigel is a loveable fella. I see good things in the kid and I hope to steer back to the top in the very near future. Once again, I thank my good friend TOS for his kindness and generosity."
The crisis at Deep Freeze Entertainment deepened last night when Nigel McGuinness, unprepared and with no strategy whatsoever, lost every round of his fight with Adrian "The Shark" Diacona. This was followed shortly afterwards by Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn himself being stopped because of swollen eyes in his bout with Vladislav Vladilen.

Deep Freeze did have one or two good results with Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton winning a wide decision over RJ "The Freak" Mendoza and Mark "The Lone Shark" Christie retaining his light middleweight title with a majority decision over Sergio "Super" Sanders. Bubba Hollis lost his flyweight crown however and it is believed that some of Deep Freeze's fighters are considering moves to other gyms.

Maxy "Deep Freeze" Gawn took his fight with Vladilen at short notice to try and alleviate some of the financial problems his gym is suffering and he admitted, "Me losing has really hit the gym hard. I'm very very worried about things now."
The good news for Deep Freeze's gym: Canton gets his title shot

The bad news for Deep Freeze's gym: It's against Kaitlyn Ashley. Which means he's getting knocked out

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