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Full Version: The Official 2008 FHWeBL Fighter Of The Year Voting Thread
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It's award season again.

The category is the FHWeBL 2008 Fighter Of The Year.

The Winner of his award will join the FHWeBL 2007 Fighter Of The Year, CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS in that exclusive Fighter Of The Year club.

Here are your nominees......

Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn - For setting the All-Time Heavyweight Title defense record.

Travis "Tremendous" Simms - For setting the All-Time Jr. Middleweight Title defense record & All-Time Title defense record of any title. He was also a #1 Pound For Pound Fighter.

CyruS "No Fear" ViruS - For making history as the only 6 Division World Champion in league history. Also the only 5 Division World Champion in league history.

Joan Guzman - For a record 7 Title Reigns at Lightweight. 6 month domination of the Lightweight Division. He was also a #1 Pound For Pound Fighter with the toughest schedule of any #1.

Juan "Apuro" Herrera - For becoming Undisputed Jr. Welterweight Champion. Domination of the Jr. Welterweight Division. He is also the current #1 Pound For Pound Fighter.

Allan Green - For becoming Undisputed Light-Heavyweight Champion. Dominating the Light-Heavyweight Division for 6 months.

Edit : Gamboa - 54-0 streak. Domination of the Featherweight Division.

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Vote or die!
That's weird. I voted for Guzman before and it had a vote by his name but now it's not there...
Simms, Guzman, Gamboa are all tied with 1 vote.

We need more votes here to get a winner.
Man, I dont even know who I voted for anymore ...

But Im glad I already have done it because its tough...

Dipsy - retired too quickly.
Simms - too many close fights/draws against Palomino
No Fear - great wins in relatively high weight classes, but not THAT great the other ones were I think
Guzman - toughest competition, but also the most losses
Herrera - great finish of the year, but nowhere to be found the first half of it
Green - great champ at 175, somehow a little under the radar, though, but he did beat the likes of Butkiss. Loss to Serezha never avenged, though. Also a good Cruiserweight
Gamboa - his opponents were solid, but nothing special. Couldnt get revenge against Harris...

Uhm its difficult wink.gif
If there isn't a winner, I guess we could just ship off the award to TOS. Back to back fighter of the year awards laugh.gif
We never got a winner for this. People vote there still a big tie.
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