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Full Version: The Official HWG - Agbeko Undisputed Bantamweight Championship SFWIV Thread
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Sunday January 4, 2009 marks the return of a Hall Of Fame Legend just in time for Super Fight Weekend IV!

A Super Fight Weekend IV Main Event.

Reigning and Defending 2-Time Bantamweight Champion Of The World, The Knockout Artist, Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko (34-5-0 29KOs) puts his title on the line against the Returning from Retirement Hall Of Fame Legend, Former Jr. Bantamweight World Champion, Former 3-Time Undisputed Bantamweight Champion, Holder of the All-Time World Bantamweight Title Defense Record with 18 Straight Title Defenses, Former #1 Pound For Pound Fighter In The World, Virtually Undefeated, CyruS "Here We Go" ViruS (27-3-3 19KOs)

Will the young Knockout Machine Agbeko unify his world title with the true titles and become Undisputed Champion while adding a true legend to his resume? Or Will the Old Veteran who was last seen winning the Undisputed Bantamweight Championships and #1 Pound For Pound Ranking against another Hall Of Fame Legend Z Gorres back on January 13, 2008 come through with nearly a year of ring rust and become Undisputed Champion yet again?

Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko Career Highlights :

W UD 12 Malik Bouziane - win over the future world champion.
W KO 12, W KO 12, W KO 8, W KO 8 Oba Oronko - wins bantamweight title in fight 1. wins bantamweight title for the 2nd time in fight 3.
W TKO 5, L KO 3, W KO 7 Jean-Baptiste Blaise - avenges rematch defeat with KO win in fight 3.
W UD 12, W TKO 10, W KO 12 Kindred "Spirit" Cole - wins over the former world champion.


HWG Career Highlights :

W KO 11, W KO 11 The Latvian Fighting Snake - wins Jr. Bantamweight Title in fight 1.
W UD 12, W KO 6 "King" Leonardo E. Christopholis III - wins Bantamweight Title in fight 1.
W KO 11, W UD 12 Fernando "Cochulito" Montiel - wins the original little man super fight.
W UD 12 Juan "Apuro" Herrera - win over the future world champion and #1 P4P Fighter.
D 12, W KO 9 Kindred "Spirit" Cole - undoes draw with KO victory in rematch.
W KO 4 Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire - KO win over multiple division world champion.
L UD 12, D 12, W SD 12 "Lean" Leon Greene - avenges defeat and wins Undisputed Bantamweight Title for the 2nd time in fight 3.
W KO 11 Ricardo Reyes - KO win over future world champion
L UD 12, L MD 12, W UD 12 Nick "Kanyankole" Otieno - avenges defeats in fight 3.
D 12, W MD 12 Z Gorres - undoes draw with victory in rematch. Wins Undisputed Bantamweight Title for the 3rd time in fight 2. The Ultimate Little Man Super Fight.


Place your bets!
Agbeko is a P4Per...VERY dangerous fight for an aging legend...I'll go ahead and pick Agbeko by razor thin SD.
HWG dominated a P4P Champ...great win.
HWG didn't show any ring rust tonight and pretty much annihilated the KO machine in Agbeko. HWG is now the Undisputed Bantamweight Champion for the 4th time....... ohmy.gif
HWG dismantles Agbeko in 6!

FH : What are your thoughts on Agbeko?

HWG : A Good young Champion that has alot to offer to the sport with his exciting style. I expect him to win more world titles as his career goes on.

FH : You're coming back from nearly a full year of retirement but it looked tonight that you didn't have any sort of ring rust...

HWG : I trained very hard for this fight. I was in there with a dangerous puncher who could knock my head of to the 10th row if he landed a good one, I just didn';t let that happen tonight. As far as any ring rust, I honestly felt I could have opened up some more and landed some big punches earlier but I'll take this.

FH : With this victory you unify your lineal titles with the World Title and become Undisputed Bantamweight Champion for the 4th time, thoughts?

HWG : I feel very fortunate to be blessed like this. All I can say, it feels good to be Undisputed Champion again.

FH : Following you signing on for this huge fight with Agbeko, your old rival, Z Gorres announced his return from retirement. You think you would face him again?

HWG : I saw his fight on the undercard, I thought he looked good. I expect a few more tune ups for him before he tackles any World Titles. As far as facing him for a 3rd time, you never know. I'm 1-0-1 against him and the win I do have was extremely close. I don't know right now, I just want to enjoy this victory.

FH : Are you going to continue fighting? Or are you going back into retirement?

HWG : Honestly, I don't know right now. How can I top this as of this moment? I'm just not sure. Right now I am going to take all these belts home and enjoy my vacation. Am I retired again? Probably. Will I never fight again? Never say never.....

FH : Anything to say in closing?

HWG : I hope all the fans out there enjoyed my fight because that's all I can really ask for. I hope I gave them a thrill tonight and maybe I'll give them some more thrills later on.

FH : Thank you for time Champ.

HWG : No, Thank you.
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