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Full Version: Is Rihanna Pregnant?
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Rumors have started to swirl that Rihanna is pregnant–which is entirely unsurprising. Belly bumps are fuel enough, so actual fainting is like a high alert in the celebrity world! had an interesting scoop that a certain celebrity weekly mag (or maybe a couple) will be releasing news of Rihanna’s pregnancy, and guess what?
“It gets better. According to one of our snitches at the mag, Rihanna is reportedly planning on keeping the child.”
It’s also rumored that Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown will be headed to Barbados next week to visit Rihanna’s parents, which could very possibly mean that a baby announcement is on the way.

OOmqq i really believe that riahhanna isz preqo i must say ii diidnt cee iit commen cusz she doesnt look lyke the type and wif chris brown smh anywaysz conqratsz rihanna and chris !!
sorry to burst the bubble about rihanna being pregnant.but those rumours have always been round since they met years its very unlikely that she is.and ITS EVEN HIGHLY UNLIKELY that he is going to barbados any time he is in london right now touring.and he will be touring this whole month...
I wanna see you crucified!
Yes.. Rihanna is pregnant with my baby.
That was the worst trolling that I've ever seen...
QUOTE(Spyder @ Jan 2 2009, 07:30 PM) [snapback]419036[/snapback]
That was the worst trolling that I've ever seen...

first post is that bullshit on a boxing website. these amateurs have no idea the vets (my self excluded) that lurk around here.
Creating a second account to reply to your own post is pretty lame.

That's like sooo Fitz the gif nazi would say.

is this the milk shake girl?
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