dirol.gif ... Just back from a 3 month hiatus in the Philippines, ...Bernabe' Conception & Nonito Donaire are MONSTERS (remember what Donaire did to Vic The Mouth)...nuff said . It was a very Merry Christmas for fans that follow MMA religiously, Mir .. Rampage .. & Sugar were underdogs on all wagering sites wtf.gif Nogueira & Silva are shopworn shakey at best & Gump is slow w/ medium power ... The Brits hammered Al Turk on the International sites & Kongo went to -250 ... Congratulations to the educated-hardcore . We parlayed : Lesnar-Pacquiao-Evans-Franklin (17th vs. Dano) .... go Ace ! Cannot really see any good spots in the near future ... if the Viper can knock-out Mosely, then so can TT ... The Mouth should handle shopworn Arce' on the 7th ... Shogun will cripple The Godfather ... Fedor will dominate the Vampire ... Varner takes the Cowboy ... Gamboa will destroy Speedy ... The Kid whacks whats left of Little Evil ... Berto has good spot vs. No-Power Collazo ... The best value on the board is Ace @+110 vs. Dano @-140 ... I believe Hendersons best days are behind him . Good Luck to All & Happy New Year !!! dirol.gif -PS Comments : Oquendo was ripped off again ...what is with this Toney crapola ? ... & Julie Lederman had Hopkins over Holt ...Hellooooooooooo ... knock-knock ? ...UPDATE : The odds for UFC 94 just up ...The Dragon @-350 vs. Thiago @+250...both 13-0 ...very interesting because Lyoto (The Karate' Kid) fights side to side non-agressively w/ little or no ground & pound + medium power ...basically trys to out-point his opponents w/kicks like he did w/the Bad Boy ...conversely, Silva is a G&P monster (ala Houston Alexander) ...very aggressive, go forward, take & give ...we love Thiago in this spot @ +250 ...Parlay Ace (17th) w/ Silva (31st) 7-1 on-line now (fantastic value) ...also Rush @ -200 vs. Prodigy @ +160 ...this has the earmarks of a 5 round pointer & we think GSP will be more active... definately physically stronger .