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Full Version: The Official Apuro Herrera - Trinidad Undisputed Welterweight Championship Thread
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Sunday January 11, 2009 the first weekend after Super Fight Weekend IV showcases a Welterweight Super Fight for the Undisputed Titles!

Former Flyweight World Champion, Former Jr. Bantamweight World Champion, Former Jr. Lightweight World Champion, Former Undisputed Jr. Welterweight World Champion, overall a Former 2-Time Jr. Welterweight World Champion, The Reigning and Defending Undisputed Welterweight Champion Of The World, #1 Pound For Pound Fighter, and only 1 of 2 fighters to ever be a 5 Division World Champion, Juan "Apuro" Herrera (42-6-5 10KOs) puts his newly won titles on the line against the Undisputed #1 Contender, Trinidad (24-3-0 20KOs)

Will Apuro take out the dangerous young #1 contender and successfully defend his title and continue his journey to a possible 6th division title to tie No Fear's record? Or Will the young Puerto Rican superstar KO artist Trinidad, fullfill his potential and win the Undisputed Welterweight Titles against the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world?

Juan "Apuro" Herrera's Career Highlights :

W MD 12 Kindred "Spirit" Cole - win over the former world champion.
W UD 12 Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson - wins flyweight title.
W UD 12, W UD 12, W UD 12 Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire - wins over multiple division champ. wins jr. bantamweight title in fight 3.
D 12, W UD 12 Ricardo Mijares - un does draw.
W UD 12 Roger Mayweather - win over the former world champion.
W UD 12 Catalina Cruz - win over the former world champion.
W UD 12 Simone Sin - wins Jr. lightweight title.
D 12, W UD 12, W KO 7 Herman Ngoudjo - wins Jr. welterweight title for the 2nd time in fight 2.
W MD 12, D 12, W KO 11 Cashis Fluellen-Bowe - wins over the top contender.
W KO 11, W UD 12, W UD 12 Carlos "El Indio" Quintana - wins Jr. Welterweight Title in fight 1.
L UD 12, W UD 12, W SD 12, W KO 8 Sublime "Buddy" Shine - avenges defeat.
W UD 12 Smooth Eddie Chaplin - win over the former world champion.
W UD 12 Maxy KoKaine - win over the former world champion.
W UD 12, W UD 12 Buddy McGirt - wins over the long time contender.
W KO 6 Hermes Franca - win over the former champion.
W KO 6, W UD 12 Jimmy Jack Judah - Unifys his World Jr. Welterweight Title with Jimmy's Lineal Jr. Welterweight Title to become Undisputed Champion. Wins Undisputed Welterweight Titles in fight 2.
W KO 11 Miguel Cotto - win over the HOF legend.
W UD 12 Zab "Super" Judah - win over the HOF legend.


Trinidad Career Highlights :

W TKO 9 Andre Berto - KO win over the top contender.
L MD 12, W KO 6 Ali Chebah - avenges razor thin defeat with devastating KO performance.
W KO 5 Edson Berto - KO win over the former world champion in a 2008 FOTY candidate.
W UD 12 Darth Maul - Win over the former world champion
W UD 12 Mike Taylor - win over the former world champion


I got a belief that Trinidad will knock out Apuro.

The last time Apuro got legit knocked out was on November 11, 2007 against Frankie Skipton for the Flyweight Title and that was in the 12th round of a fight he was winning.

Apuro has never felt the power of a Welterweight the calibur of Trinidad. I am betting it all on Trinidad. If I lose, I have to sign over the 36 Chambers to TOS.... laugh.gif
Apuro Narrowly Escapes Trinidad!

5 Division World Champion & #1 P4P Fighter In The World, Juan "Apuro" Herrera successfully defended the Undisputed Welterweight Championships against #1 Contender, Puerto Rican Star Trinidad by narrowly escaping with his titles with a Majority Decision victory. The fight showed Apuro's excellent counter punching style against the aggressive power hitting style of the young Puerto Rican Star. The Judges scored the fight as follows, 116-113, 116-114, 115-115. After the fight, Trinidad gave Apuro credit for going the distance but demanded an immediate rematch to get a clear winner. It's up the champ if he wants to follow up and give the young lion another crack at the Undisputed Titles.
Unbeaten contender Jarret "White Light" Sharp has again accused the worlds top welterweights of avoiding him. Sharp 20/0/0 (15 KO's), has labelled his rivals as cowards and claims fighters like Mike Taylor should be in a wooden box rather than asking for title fights.

Sharp said, "Fuck Mike Taylor man. I saw that old mother fucker asking for a title fight and I damn near punched the screen in. Taylor is a fuckin has-been with a shit record and an overrated profile. He is at the bottom of the queue and if he wants to dispute that I will fight him right here right now. Trinidad don't deserve another shot at the title. I do. Fuck Trinidad. He had his chance and he blew that mother fucker. The champ, Herrera is a good enough fighter, I'll give him that, but he ain't good enough to compete with me. I will walk right through that mother fucker. I am hungry, I am fuckin damn near starving and I am dangerous. I will become champion of the world. Ain't nobody or nothing gonna get in my way!"
It's Official : Apuro-Trinidad II is SIGNED

5 Division World Champion, #1 Pound For Pound Fighter In The World & The Undisputed Welterweight Champion Of The World, Juan "Apuro" Herrera (43-6-5 10KOs) has granted the Puerto Rican Star, Trinidad (24-4-0 20KOs) an immediate rematch for the Undisputed Welterweight Titles next week in Trinidad's home turf of Puerto Rico! The hostile crowd is more than enough to watch this showdown.

Undisputed Welterweight Championship
Juan "Apuro" Herrera vs. Trinidad
The Rematch!

January 18, 2009

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