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Full Version: Team Judah signs new fighter
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"Hi Everyone."

Okay, I've decided to create a smaller Heavyweight because I'm honestly tired of all these fucking twigs ruling the division..

Yeah...I'm looking at you Dipsy, Lanky, Tony Maxwell, Prince, and yes, even my OWN fighter, Larry Holmes. laugh.gif

So what I've done with here is I've created a 6'0 flat Heavyweight with tremendous speed and power, just like the real prime "Iron" Mike Tyson.

And let me tell you..

He will run ALL you fucking...TWIGS...out of the division!!!!

"My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart bitches!!!!"
So whats his name? biggrin.gif

But Im with you there, hopefully some smaller fighters will be able to get something done. It just doesnt seem likely, though
His name is Mike Tyson without the "Iron". laugh.gif

My other Tyson didn't quite make it..but THIS ONE will go all the way to the top.

I'm sick of these twig bitches, Blayde....Tyson will be a natural underdog because of his size...but let me tell you..he will chase down the twig bitches....he will be a rough dirty ass fighter...he'll be throwing elbows in clinches...he's going to really rough up all twigs.
Yeah I like that. Im thinkin about creating a new, small and powerful heavyweight, too. I just need to find a name biggrin.gif
I can't see a smaller heavyweight achieving much to be honest although it would be good if one could.

I think I might jump on the band wagon and create one myself.

See how it goes.
Yeah I think the best small heavyweight right now is Ray Sefo. Maybe I forgot someone, but Sefo is definitely a little one dimensional wink.gif And most importantly... Giant Man III is similar to Sefo, but hes a tall freak and hes better. So again the taller fighter is the better fighter. Probably thats just the way it is at heavyweight. Obviously the best heavyweight I ever created was The Prince laugh.gif Although I have to admit my version would have probably got stopped against Giant Man.
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