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Full Version: Just watched DLH - Pac
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So, I finally get around to watching the full fight in one go.

I saw a few rounds on youtube, but I wanted to wait til I could watch it properly, on a TV, all in one go. I've read all the comment everyone was making and decided it was time to put my opinion in.....

DLH got SMASHED BIG TIME! laugh.gif

For the first few rounds (1-3), DLH looked bad, but he was having a tiny bit of success...not much, but a little bit. Pacman was tagging him with those left hands, but I thought, 'surely DLH will warm up and get going before he gets the shit smacked out of him?'.....

Can't believe how bad DLH was. He didn't try and move away from Pacs left; he just sat in front of him all night and didn't use any head movement at all! He just seemed bewildered with it all. He looked like a novice.

Pac was sensational. Superbly fast, jumping around like a ferret on speed. Couldn't believe it at the end when he was toying with DLH....I knew it happened as people wrote about it, but it was crazy to see it happen.

10 out of 10 for Pacman...he was great.

Ah, well.....just thought I'd share my view on the fight....
My personal, "Feel Good" Fight of '08.......Lil' Manny lit him up and took his heart!!

It was really beautiful...because you can tell Manny felt sorry for him...he let Oscar off the hook AT LEAST 2 or 3 times....

I don't care how rich and famous Oscar is...he should be ashamed to show his face in public ever again after that one sided beating....
Manny destroyed DLH almost as bad as Mayweather destroyed Gatti. Who would've though that between Morales, Barrera, Larios, Marquez, David Diaz that the great DLH would be Pac's easiest fight, a fight where he would not even break a sweat.

It's a combo of Pac being a ATG in the prime of his career, DLH weight problems & on the downhill....and Pac's speed totally fucked with DLH. DLH barely touched him.
Yeah, I saw two or three times too where Manny could've stepped it up, but he sort of just stopped and bounced back to just sort of look at DLH all curled up in the corner.

What a strange fight to watch. Never, EVER did I think I'd see DLH get that done to him......let alone by someone who won a title at FLYWEIGHT!!!
Do you think THAT Pacquiao would've beaten any version of DLH, the one that fought Whitaker/Chavez?
Mean Mister Mustard
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 23 2009, 11:09 AM) [snapback]421543[/snapback]
Do you think THAT Pacquiao would've beaten any version of DLH, the one that fought Whitaker/Chavez?

I think so, although not as brutally. DLH was never that great a counterpuncher, he was more of an offensive fighter who set up his combos with his jab. That is why he did badly against slick fighters who made him come to him.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 23 2009, 11:09 AM) [snapback]421543[/snapback]
Do you think THAT Pacquiao would've beaten any version of DLH, the one that fought Whitaker/Chavez?

I probably think so.....Pac was that quick, and DLH has not faced many southpaws (has he?), so the combination would've always caused him problems.

DLH couldn't use his jab to set up his combinations as Pac man was never still enough. DLH jsut couldn't pin him down!
QUOTE(Fitz @ Jan 23 2009, 07:26 PM) [snapback]421619[/snapback]
No. DLH would have knocked Pacquiao out viciously. The DLH that showed up that night wasn't even 50% of what he was. He was absolutely atrocious. He looked like a dead man walking. He just didn't throw, his legs were gone just everything about him looked stale. DLH didn't let his hands go and he did not land.
The thing is, people still don't know how Pacquiao takes a punch from a 140/147 puncher, as DLH didn't land and you can't possibly use the DLH fight as a benchmark on how Pacquiao's chin will hold up against the bigger guys. I seen Pacquiao hurt by feather/light weights, and an old DLH would have been landing, and I think would have caught him. Even early when DLH did land the one or two shots on Pacquiao's arms, I saw Pacquiao get moved quite a bit from the shots.
Let's hope Hatton can at least land and test Pacquiao's chin, and if Hatton is able to land frequently, I'm not sure Pacquiao's chin can hold up either. That said, Pacaquiao lands frequently on Hatton, Hatton won't withstand either. But Pacquiao is yet to be tested by a 140/147 puncher.
That said, I think it's great that Pacquiao carried up his power, he looks the same as he did in the lower weights which is very impressive, but nobody has any idea how he handles the offense of the bigger guys as DLH was no test what so ever.

The things about the fight:
  • Didn't expect Pacquiao to carry everything up to higher weights so well
  • Didn't expect DLH to look as bad as he did
  • I can't use this fight as a bench mark as to how the fight would have gone if we took an old 147 DLH

I agree with you. Would people be saying this stuff as soon as the Pac- Marquez rematch ended? That fight was so close and could have gone either way. You know why it was so close, because JMM was in his prime and was a live body in there. So now what do you think a prime strong welterweight De La Hoya would have done to Pac? Easy, he would have Ko'd Pacman. Too many people take too much from the Oscar fight, I just do not get it.
The thing is, Marquez is clearly a top 5 P4Per. When Pac-Marquez fought..those were probably the #2 best P4Pers right there.

I think Manny would get crushed by Marg and lose against Cotto, Floyd, Marquez, and maybe just maybe Joshua Clottey. But he will demolish Ricky Hatton and everyone else in his path.
Rabbit Punch2
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 23 2009, 08:09 AM) [snapback]421543[/snapback]
Do you think THAT Pacquiao would've beaten any version of DLH, the one that fought Whitaker/Chavez?

Hell yes. Pac is a monster. Pac would have beaten THE Oscar that wore a belt at 130 and 135 too. Manny is an all timer. Oscar was very careful where he picked up his belts.
QUOTE(biggeorge89 @ Jan 23 2009, 10:09 AM) [snapback]421543[/snapback]
Do you think THAT Pacquiao would've beaten any version of DLH, the one that fought Whitaker/Chavez?

i dont think so, i dont think its even close... i thnk the lightweight version of hoya ko's pac as well... i think dela hoya's being a part time fighter finally caught up with him... that and he was obviously over trained and more so the fact that he isnt in this for the love anymore but for the money... i could be dead wrong but i just cant and maybe dont want to believe a fighter that started fighting at 108 lbs could do that to hoya at his best... if pacs fight with hatton is made or if not and he fights mayweather or a top young fighter of any realm at 140 or 147 it will make me more of a believer... he beats hatton or mayweather or lawd forbid a cotto or marg... i'll give him that credit but for now all i can say is great win but beat a fighter of that named caliber thats not in the buisness part time... not hating him but calling it like i think i see it.

i will elaborate on this even more by saying that hoya was a fighter that fought damn near even with one of the greatest middleweights of all time until getting kayoed by that body shot in hopkins... you think that fightter loses to a guy that started his career at 108 lbs.?.. i dont think so... his time was up... most people thought it was gonna be the mismatch it should have been and it wasnt.. good for pacman... he builds his profile and gets to fight another day... i still say to those that think he's a world beater at these higher weights 140 is pushing it and hatton is gonna take care of buisness with him tho the lesser 140 lbers he can beat but hatton is the ruler at that weight... i cant call pac great just yet but its great what he's doing... if he proves me wrong he will be great cuzz i got the bar set very damn high for him.. so high i dont think he can achieve it... a win over hatton and i will kiss every ones ring here that thought pac was gonna win if the fight is made and you guys can make little monikers at the botom of your screen that never lets me forget... but if i am right and hatton clips him give me my props is all i ask... i feel that strongly bout this fight, again if its made... the fight may be dead...
Pacqiuao finished that lil bitch off for good.
It was a bad style matchup for DLH. Simple as that.
Pacman is a beast but it was more bad DLH than good Manny. Oscar wasnt himself and it was me he looked drained and weak during the 24/7 episodes.

I like Manny but the prime DLH destroys him.
Uh, I'm not so sure the prime DLH whoops Manny. I mean, DLH may have taken a downturn in his career, but Manny made him look like he never even knew how box. When you've been boxing that long, I'm sure you still know how to fight, I mean at least trade with the guy, but he couldn't do a freaking thing. I mean, he didn't unlearn how to use a height advantage, Manny just took it away from him. DLH may be past it, but it's not like he has a foot in the grave.
Mean Mister Mustard
You cannot compare JMM and DLH, they are two different fighters. DLH was never that smart a fighter, he always relied on his power and speed to win fights and even when he had guys outgunned he still couldn't finish them off like against Molina and Gonzalez. He had nothing to fall on after his speed dimished. Mond you, it wasn't as bad as Roy Jones because DLH was better technically but you look at his fights with Mosley and Whitaker, the guy doesn't seem to think all that well in the ring. Also add in the fact that the guy was always changing trainers, the man had no clear style and wasn't very confident which is why he fought toguh guys after they looked bad or lost. Plus he couldn't handle southpaws. I think Manny still outmanouvers him but DLH's chances of catching him increase because he would still have his speed.
QUOTE(streetlion1 @ Jan 24 2009, 12:20 PM) [snapback]421710[/snapback]
Pacman is a beast but it was more bad DLH than good Manny. Oscar wasnt himself and it was me he looked drained and weak during the 24/7 episodes.

I like Manny but the prime DLH destroys him.

That may be the case but Manny f*cking dominated Oscar he deserves all the credit in the world. Sh*t with that fight alone Manny became one of my favorite fighters today.
Prime de la hoya KO's pacman.

QUOTE(Fitz @ Jan 25 2009, 12:07 AM) [snapback]421759[/snapback]
Looking back in hindsight, I see similarities between DLH/Pacquiao and Morales/Pacquiao II. The writing was probably on the wall in the previous fight (Forbes and Raheem), but a lot of people just ruled those poor performances to something else like (Morales not suiting 135, DLH moving down to 150 and Forbes being a bad match up). When they then fought Pacquiao, they looked even worse than they did in the previous fights. DLH looked terrible against Forbes as well and got his face busted up also, if Forbes had any kind of power, he probably would have stopped DLH as well. He moved back down a few more pounds for Pacquiao and looked even worse.

So, Pacquiao is fighting Hatton at his best weight of 140. After Pac makes him another David Diaz, what are you going to say?
Fitz, I told you before the fight man that Pac was going to win because DLH looked faded against Forbes. Forbes was tagging him and he is SMALLER than Pac.....and he doesn't punch as hard, he isn't as fast, and he just isn't in the same league. Alot of people felt he didn't take Forbes seriously but he just really looked bad in that fight. A prime DLH would've taken out Stevie Forbes.

I was surprised at how Pac destroyed him. Pac looked surprisingly good...actually he looked better at 147 than he did at 135!

To me DLH's last good efort was the Mayweather/Mayorga fights..but he wasn't even prime in those...

But overall, Pac is far greater than Oscar, IMO...
QUOTE(Fitz @ Jan 25 2009, 06:59 AM) [snapback]421996[/snapback]
Shut up.

QUOTE(Fitz @ Jan 24 2009, 08:07 PM) [snapback]421759[/snapback]
Marquez and DLH are maybe different, but the point is Marquez pushed Pacquiao right down to the wire and hurt him, DLH was barely a shell of his former self and hadn't fought at 147 for 8 years.

Exactly!!The same shit happened to Chris Byrd..I'd say you'd need to be at or around a certain weight for atleast 1 year if boxers are planning to go down in weight that they haven't been at for a really long time..They drain themselves out and than figure they can recover while in camp by going lighter since they are at the weight but their body doesn't balance out..This shit will happen to Hatton eventually too..He has youth on his side right now..I bet Hatton would look really good if he didn't have to lose 30 lbs to make weight..It's always best to stay around 5-10 lbs heavier than you're fight weight since you can focus on the boxing more than just losing the weight and getting in shape..
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