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Full Version: Official Margarito/Mosely Predictions
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I am going with a Majority Decision for Antonio Margarito. I think the fight will mirror the cotto/margarito fight, with mosely starting off quick and landing the cleaner shots, utilizing his one inch reach (74" to Tony's 73"), footwork, head movement, speed, and just overall ring generalship. However, we all know the most certain aspect of the fight; Margarito will eat Mosely's punches like Chris Arreola eats tostadas, A LOT WITH NO EFFECT. Thereby, Margarito inhibits Mosely offense with his continuous power punches in bunches and god like stamina from round 5 on. Mosely will be able to win rounds, shit he might even win one or two rounds in the second half of the fight, but he will not be able to hurt, nor slow down big bad Tony. Goes down in similar fashion to Margarito/Cotto, but Mosely finishing the fight. Scorecards will read: 116-111, and 115-113 for Margarito; 114-114 draw.

I also need to say that while the fight will be SIMILAR to C/M, it will not be as exciting nor epic due to Mosely's style. Mosely will be punching on the move and there wont be as many 'stand and trades", especially on the ropes. Also, dont expect Margarito to bust up Mosely's face like he did Cotto's. Mosely will take his share of punishment, though. Overall, a very good fight, but not as good as the war that took place on July 26th, 2008.
Mosley by UD.
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