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Full Version: Margarito Cleared? Not So Fast:
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Sugar Q
Margarito handwrap update!

The California Commission has promised “prompt” results the investigation into the pads from the handwraps confiscated from Antonio Margarito prior to his loss to Shane Mosley. Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer decribed the material removed to the LA Times as “a white pad with a substance that was a grayish, concrete color on it” and added “…you wonder now how many times he did it before.”
January 28th, 2009

Wouldn't we respect dude a little if he man'd up and admitted he was wrong.
bbbbbut wait for the decision just because they found horseshoes in his gloves doesn't mean he did anything wrong and shane stole a candy from the corner store when he was 7 so he deserved it anyway
LOL, there is like 12 threads on the first page that's regarding Margarito.
This is crazy, I can not keep track with all these Marg threads. Pretty soon the whole front page will just be about Margarito. One good thing about this is it shakes things up and we get some fresh topics to talk about instead of the same old shit over and over.
Yeah I'd trust anything coming from Golden Boy's CEO. I mean it is not like he has a vested interest in promoting the fact that Shane whipped the man at 147 & had to overcome loaded gloves & this was the same cat that PBF ducked so come out of retirement Floyd & fight Shane type of scam GBP are trying to pull.
Mean Mister Mustard
LOL I am amazed at all the Margarito threads too.
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