cool.gif ... Joe Lauzon (-185), last seen coaching his brother in the first televised match on the "Affliction" card ... ironically his brothers opponent was there on 30 hours notice .... Jeremy Stephens (+145) is a short-notice opponent replacing Hermes Franca (injured in training) ... the Heathen owns wins over Cole Miller & dos Anjos .. losses to Din Thomas & a UD to the Kingfisher, he is heavy handed & just keeps coming forward . J-Lau's loss to Kenflo was very disappointing ... I gave him the nod in that fight & he never showed up, his performance was pitiful & his last win was over a tomato, Bradley . Lauzon was quoted saying the Stephens fight will be easier for him than Franca & that could be the kiss of death ... if you're a gambler, go w/ Heathen .. if you're a speculator, sit back & enjoy the freebie, (crossroad-match) the odds just don't grab me . Cain "The Monster" Velasquez (-600) vs. Denis "The Menace" Stojnic (+400) ... the Menaces' first appearance (from Netherlands) in the Octagon & he is up against it ... this is basically a showcase for the Monster to go 5-0 . Josh "The Dentist" Neer (+110) vs. Mac "No Meat" Danzig (-140) ... there is a little irony here, Neer dropped a SD to Nate Diaz & Danzig lost a UD to the Carpenter, both in their last . Any believers in Karma out there ? Neer was busted for DWI & eluding NYE ... kudos to DW for allowing the match to go forward ... everybody makes a mistake now & then . There will be a notable size difference favoring Neer but we give the nod to Danzig (crossroad-match) ... again, the odds don't grab me either way . Emerson vs. Pellegrino may be entertaining ... all in all, we will pass on the wagering aspect of this card ... you can see why its a freebie ! cool.gif