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Okay, summer isn't too far away and I'll be hitting my diet hardcore in the near future.

If you're like me, you get burnt out pretty quick on the same ol' diet of chicken, tuna and protein shakes. LOL.

So anyway, if anyone has any good recipes that will help cut calories, carbs and all that good stuff, post 'em in here.
Great thread. I always have trouble finding a lean alternative to chicken and steamed veggies.

There is a restaurant in Tampa called's a healthy fast-food joint that has a lot of good food. I know you guys are elsewhere, but maybe the menu can give you some ideas.
Cool. I was thinking about starting a thread about diets.

When I started cutting weight, I found a pretty standard regimen (I went through A LOT of different ones).

My biggest meal is usually breakfast, or well, WAS usually breakfast. I'd eat something like:

1) Poached eats boiled in water and vinegar (vinegar keep the egg together)
2) Toast with jam and peanut butter
3) A bowl of oat bran with banana and fruits.
4) Cereal with milk
5) Orange Juice
6) Greek yogurt with honey for protein
7) Tea

The rest of the day I would just snack on small meals. It's always better to eat 4-5 small meals than 3 big meals. I would alternate between sandwiches, steamed vegetables, vegan curry, etc. Spices are your best friend when you're trying to diet. For dinner I'd always eat a salad. If you make em right, salads are pretty fucking hearty.

Other tips to cut weight is to drink water when you feel hungry. And put a teaspoon of vinegar in the water and flavor it with honey, or at the very least, a shitload of lemon. All the acid will burn away the fat on your stomach lining.

Another thing. Change out everything from white to brown. Rice, sugar, bread, etc.

And I know a lot of ya'll probably don't wanna hear this, but going vegan/vegetarian will help you lose loads, and it ain't all that bad if you can find the right recipes. I'll post some when I find my old ones.
My daily diet is a fountain of knowledge & a example of what not to do.

Breakfast is 3 cigarettes & a cup of coffee.

Lunch is usually a steak salad & chips or a beef/chicken burger.

Dinner is whatever I end up having but usually unhealthy & fast because I spend most weeknights at 12 step meetings so don't often cook.
laugh.gif Goddamit STEVENSKI. I'm trying to be serious on this forum.
Mean Mister Mustard
About the meals, I also have heard that smaller meals spread out over the day is better than 3 big ones. The obvious thing here is that if you are loking to shed weight you have to engage in cardiorespiratory excercise. All of you know this but I mention it because you often see people saying "I'm going to lose weight" and then sign up for a gym membership and start lifting wieghts with little or no focus on cardio. Then they step on the scale a month later and realize they actually gained more weight, of course because muscle is heavier than fat, they become discouraged and join the league of people who say "I tried working out and it didn't help me".

Archie Moore's secret diet!!

All ya do is get a steak or any kinda red meat and chew it up and spit it out..All you get is the juices..This is hardcore shit!!I don't do it but he did it and he had Foreman doing it(yet Foreman said he'd swallow the meat when Archie wasn't looking..hahaha..
Mean Mister Mustard
QUOTE(JonnyBlaze @ Feb 11 2009, 03:45 PM) [snapback]424717[/snapback]
Archie Moore's secret diet!!

All ya do is get a steak or any kinda red meat and chew it up and spit it out..All you get is the juices..This is hardcore shit!!I don't do it but he did it and he had Foreman doing it(yet Foreman said he'd swallow the meat when Archie wasn't looking..hahaha..

Some of those old school tactics work pretty well I'm sure. Antother old school tactic: Doing roadwork with construction boots on.

QUOTE(Mean Mister Mustard @ Feb 11 2009, 03:48 PM) [snapback]424720[/snapback]
Some of those old school tactics work pretty well I'm sure. Antother old school tactic: Doing roadwork with construction boots on.

Thats cool....until your shin bones start coming out of the skin laugh.gif

5/6 small meals are loads better than 3 bigger meals a day. It also depends on what training youre doing and how often you train. To maintain my fighting weight (which is around 82kgs), I do the following:

1. Breakfast: Protein Shake mixed with fruit and cereal (Mixed up in blender)
2. Snack: Fruit

3-5 mile run

3. Lunch: Tuna or Egg with Salad or Veg and a yougurt
4. Snack: Protein Shake mixed with cereal
5. Nuts or fruit

Training for an hour to hour half (Sparring, padwork, general fitness, weights, etc)

6. Something similar to number 3...omlette, tuna sandwich, etc finished with a yougurt or chocolate.

If my weights low, I'll eat more cereal and chocolate, lol. I love that shit!
The bacon diet works well too.

Cook a lb of bacon & strain the fat. Throw bacon away as it is needless calories & drink the fat. You get all the goodness & flavour with none of the pitfalls of eating the bacon.

Deep fried mars bars are also good eat them with kebabs & chips.
Guaranteed solid 1 to 2 lbs of solid weight loss of fat per week. zero water loss figures all solid loss here.

Try this. (example) timing is about 2.5 to 3 hours between feeding sessions

- 2 cups of total cereal
- 2 cups of fat free milk
- 1 orange

Mid AM
- 2 scoops whey protein (40-50 grams)
- 1 banana

- 4 oz chicken breast
- 6-8 oz baked potato (clean nothing added)
- 1 cup broccoli

late afternoon
- 4 oz lean sirloin or 4 oz chicken breast
- 1 cup brown rice
- 1 cup green beans, carrots..veggie basically

- another whey shake
- 1 banana

- 4 oz of garlic shrimp or blackened fish (basically something light..not steak for ex)
- 1 cup corn
- 1 cup green veggie can alternate your dinner and evening meals depending on if you have a schedule like me. I work all day, full time student and hit the gym.

If I go to the gym right after work I have the shake....if not I eat the meal and have the shake later as my dinner.

either way the point is the shut down the kitchen 3 hour before sleep with the smaller calorie intake of your day. start off heavy and end light.

do this for 6 days and include a cheat day (saturday for me) your meals and add in cheat food....YES EAT YOUR NORMAL MEALS AND CHEAT FOOD.

I promise you you will lose 1-2lbs of pure fat by weeks end if you stick to this like gospel....this is 100% pure diet similar to a body builders philosophy just really really watered down version...don't even need to gym with this.

right now I'm cutting down body fat%

since jan 3 to this day dropped 6% or 7%, roughly 10-11 lbs of fat and actually gained a pound in muscle mass

you can adjust this however you see fit. Remember to eat to satisfy hunger...never to get "full" don't want food stacked on top of food you just ate 3 hours if you only eat a little of your...let's say 4th meal....that's it for later or just throw it away and move to 5 3 hours later.

don't try to finish every meal if you feel you are stuffing yourself.

think of it as smothering a fire in the fireplace by adding waay too much wood. your body metabolism is the add the most wood and start it in the am (breakfast)...throughout the day you add wood to keep it burning (meals) some wood is smaller than other wood so (steak for example) my take longer to follow it up with a whey shake (smaller wood) so you are not piling up heavy wood ontop of heavy wood.

remember the key is the let the fire burn all day. please be dedicated and me this works

check out the book "burn the fat, feed the muscle" written by bodybuilders...etc. This is all the information you will ever need in life.
Another thing. Change out everything from white to brown. Rice, sugar, bread, etc.

Word. Take out sugar altogether though.

When it comes to shredding up, there's really no fucking two ways around it. Nothing should be enjoyable about it. You should be walking around mean and onry all the time. Nothing should taste good.

Also, don't eat after 6 PM

I think those are a good diet tips to consider.... me, i'm just eating fruits and vegetables, and drinking much water...

Best Diet Pills
Last thing at night is the hardest time for me to not snack out.

Finished for the day/night, sat watching TV or on the 'net and you always need to eat....even if you've just ate, lol.

This meal is pretty good for a late snack (if you've just finished work or something or haven't had time to eat at normal time)

Grilled flatbed mushrooms....y'know the massive opened ones. Jsut throw a little salt, pepper and whatever spices or seasoning you want. Be inventive, haha. I put anything from chilli powder, rosemary, ginger..anything on there.

Mashed swede. I was skeptical at first, but instead of high carb mash potato, eat mashed swede. It does actually taste real nice. Again, chuck in what you want to flavour it up. I've put some garlic in before and it tasted good.

Peas/sweetcorn....lots of vitamin C and fibre. Adds some colour to the meal and is part of your 5-a-day.

Tuna mixed with onion and a tiny bit of low fat mayo.

Right there is an easy to prepare, high protein, low fat and low carb meal. It's cheap too. Takes like 5mins to do.
QUOTE (Fitz @ May 21 2009, 02:21 AM) *
I get sick of the same shit and find it hard keeping to diets because I have eating the same shit day in and day out.

Why not try drive thru?

You can have Macca one day KFC the next then some Hungry's or Oporto's. There is plenty of choice & you do not leave your car!
I recently changed both my training and Diet routine in an effort to minimize the effort and maximize the results. I'm now training in my home gym five days a week {Mon. - Fri. One Hour per day} with Sat. & Sun. off. And light weight training seven days a week along with push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups etc....

My eating habits were irregular and all over the place ... so that was something I definately had to get on track. I didn't want to have feeding sessions every two - three hours because I'm too busy during the day. So I started doing the following with GREAT!!!!!! Success.

* Morning Light Workout *

Breakfast Power Drink
- 2 8oz. bottles of Ensure Plus\Boost Plus - 2 Eggs and carnation instant breakfast mixed together in Blender with water.
- 24oz Water follow-up

- Turkey Sandwich\Hoagie
- 24oz Water

* Heavy Gym Training & Workout *

Evening Feast
- A large Thanksgiving type meal
{The Works!!!!}

Late Snack
- 2 8oz. bottles of Ensure Plus\Boost Plus
- Package Graham Crackers
- Large Bowl Ice Cream

* Before I turn in - Light Workout *

The addition of the daily, 32oz of Ensure\Boost reduced the amount of times I have to stop every thing to eat. Now I'm getting a good daily caloric intake along with all the additional protein & minerals I need. And I've reduced my feeding times down to twice a day. .......... And I feel fantastic!!!!
One key element to dieting: Distinguishing between cravings and hunger.
Look delicious recipes... So what kind of diet food of that?,By the thank you for sharing your knowledge to us!!!

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