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Full Version: How Are The Training Regiments For Boxing and MMA The Same and Different?
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Jack 1000
I am interested in those who have trained both in MMA and boxing. Let me illustrate a hypothetical: One fighter is a UFC fighter who has a World Heavyweight Championship Fight upcoming (MMA Contests at the championship level are fought at 5 rounds at 5 minutes each.) That is 25 minutes of physical combat for the MMA fighter.) Boxers at the world championship level fight at 12 three minute rounds for 36 minutes.

What types of preparation do you go through for each sport? Are their training techniques that you should do in one sport that you should not do in another? In preparation, what was more enduring and stressful?

Mean Mister Mustard
Poor Jack, no one is interested in your questions.

I'm a layman at this so I'll give you my opinion. I've watched videos on how MMA fighters train. for one thing, they lift weights because they need strength to hold their own in the grappling. Some of them spar boxing but not as often as a pro boxer so their muscles might not be as conditioned to punch for the full fight as opposed to boxers who throw between 50-60 punches, about half of them HARD shots designed to KO his opponent. I think weightlifting is also why these MMA guys tire so quickly. I'm not saying grappling and kicking isn't tiring, it is, but I remember Maurice Smith the kickboxing and former UFC champion saying kickboxing was more demanding because you were punching the whole time wheras in MMA there's a lot of waiting, posturing and grappling which gives you time to rest.

The training is different. For MMA you have to not only work out your upper body, but you also legs. You have to be able to use your legs in order to fight off your opponent, and for submission holds. You also have to have to work on kicks, not just punches.
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