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Full Version: Mosley Trinidad @ Welterweight...
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I'm thinking back around 1999...
Shane Mosley
Mosley. EASY.
Mosley in 4 rounds or less.
Trinidad KO in 9. mosley is a sucker for the left hook ask oscar
Wow are you guys serious. Tito at 147lb was a monster the only way to beat him would be to outbox him. Mosley is a tough SOB who likes to exchange but at 147lb no one can stand up to Tito's power. I see Mosley having some early success but once he starts to mix it up with Tito he'll get flattened ala the Forrest KD except Moslkey won't make it up.
Mean Mister Mustard
Trinidad's jab would cause all sorts of problems for Mosley. I don't know if anyone would get stopped though, Trinidad has to absorb tons of punches before being stopped. Look at the Hopkins fight, he was facing a bigger guy who was counterpunching the hell out of him for 12 rounds and he was still coming foward.

Mosley of course has never been stopeed despite going toe to toe with a prime DLH, Forrest and Cotto. Still, I'd go with Trinidad, Mosley is not a stick and move guy which is how you befuddle Tito.
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