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Full Version: Giant Man III - Fraud or Great Champion?
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Giant Man III, grandson to 4-Time World Title Challenger the Late Giant Man (R.I.P.) and son to Heavyweight Pretender, Giant Man II, was supposed to be another run in the mill 1 round fighter to create some upsets or simply create exciting 1 round fights...... but something happened...... he just kept winning.

Giant Man III sits on top of the Heavyweight mountain and the reigning 3-Time World Heavyweight Champion the men that have fallen from his mighty power are big time fighters such as

"Awesome" Aaron Williams to win his first World Heavyweight Title. Williams even went on to win the World Cruiserweight Championship.

Harold "Harry" Angus the Hall Of Famer who was virtually undefeated going into the bout was amazingly annihilated.

Sky Taylor, knockout artist and top contender which was a show stealing bout at SFW IV.

Jorge "Peligro" Alcarez, top contender

Elvin "The Komodo Dragon" Smalls, the Undefeated #1 contender and heavy favorite to win the Vacant World Heavyweight Champion Tournament was taken out.

Narcisco Maldonado, knockout artist whos every win came via knockout.

Seenan 'Cuban Link' Pink, multiple time World Heavyweight Champion who was a favorite going into the bout was done for.

Darko Antonic, The Virtually Undefeated #1 Contender and Knock artist, a pick-em fight that led to the most exciting 1 round fight in the history of Championship Fights.

Giant Man III has only 3 losses to 2 men, The Prince and the hated Larry Holmes.

While it is apparent that all it takes to beat Giant Man III is to get him into the 2nd round where he dies from exhaustion, the task of actually make it to that 2nd round highly improbable.

So is Giant Man III a fraud some had love to claim earlier in his career or has he molded himself into a Great Heavyweight Champion? What does he have to prove?
Giant Man III is at least Top 5 All Time level now...I have him at #3 personally...ahead of Dipsy Gawn and Sennen Pink....
Hated Larry Holmes....laugh.gif

Listen...say what you want about Larry Holmes..but fact is, he fought EVERYONE...

He did it HIS way...

He retired with shitload of cash and wins over Giant Man III...

He is #1....AT LEAST top 3 with Prince and Dipsy Gawn.
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn - "Giant Man III is a great champion!"

Former world heavyweight champion Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn has thrown his hat into the ring when it comes to judging the enigmatic current heavyweight ruler Giant Man III. Lipstick, who holds the record for title defenses at heavyweight including a win over the original Giant Man, told reporters, "There is no doubt that Giant Man III is a great champion. He is totally fearless and when a man of his size is prepared to come at you like a wrecking ball,with total disregard for his own well-being,it is a devastating combination. I've been lucky enough to be ringside for every major heavyweight title fight since I hung up my gloves and I've seen some great fighters but Giant Man III is the best of the lot in my opinion. He lacks skills, he lacks stamina, he's as graceful as a drunken elephant and he's more crude than oil, but he is a destroyer. Absolutely. Rey Sefo made a name for himself as a punching machine and guys feared him because he was devastating but Sefo was very beatable. Although Giant Man III has shown himself to be fallible, he has come back from bad defeats to wreck more havoc on some of the fight games toughest, smartest heavyweights. Unlike his grandfather, Giant Man III can roll right over even cowardly fighters, guys who try to stay out of the way. The only fighter to go toe-to-toe with him was Darko Antovic, the big Russian fella, and he made it a war for the matter of seconds that it lasted. It took a lot out of both guys....I saw them both in the dressing room after the fight and it was like a scene from a Bagdad bomb site. Not for the faint hearted."

"Where do I rank him? He's not done yet, he can rule for as long as his body allows him. He may well lose again and rise again because he is so strong. I think it's a disappointing situation because the coverage seems to have died down a lot recently so perhaps he isn't getting all the credit he deserves. Faggots like The Prince with his measly 7 title wins like to brag about how they beat Giant Man III but the truth is they never beat him at all...he passed out, fainted from exhaustion because his opponent ran away like a sissy. Prince has 7 losses...all but one of them coming in his prime so his claim to greatness is flawed. No...for me, and I'll leave myself out of this one cos basically I don't really give a fuck...but I have the list like this...Holmes, Giant Man III, Lanky Gawn, Sennen Pink and then The Princess. He's a great fighter."

Current world cruiserweight champion Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton has said he would one day like to fight Giant Man III but isn't keen to climb into the ring with him just yet. Canton said, "I will box him to death. No problem. I could do it tomorrow but without hype there ain't no money so I'm not doing shit until the promoters pull their fingers outta their asses and get down to doing some good old fashioned promoting type shit. Without hype there ain't no fight."

All it takes is one, little Dipsy diss to get Maxy to come back around....
I gots ta stand up for my baby!!!!

Yep...and that's exactly what Dipsy is compared to The emotional, insecure baby.

QUOTE(The C.E.O. @ Mar 20 2009, 02:52 PM) [snapback]429013[/snapback]
Yep...and that's exactly what Dipsy is compared to The emotional, insecure baby.


Webl died a pathetic death. It didn't even attempt a recovery.
Lanky Gawn did an amazing comeback from the dead when he became the first man to knockout Giant Man III clean, however, this is just the beginning!
Lanky "Maxy" Gawn....


2 1st round knockouts over Giant Man III.
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