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Full Version: Good ol Left Hook is back...
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King Eugene

Former super middleweight titleholder Jeff Lacy (24-2, 17 KOs), attempting a comeback after losing a lopsided decision to 2000 U.S. Olympic teammate Jermain Taylor in a November title eliminator, will face less-than-intimidating Manuel Esparza (20-9-1, 5 KOs) on April 10 in Tampa, Lacy's hometown. Esparza, who has had two fights in eight years, has lost five of his past six fights (four by knockout). Having negotiated a release from his promotional contract with Golden Boy, Lacy's newly formed Left Hook Promotions is putting on the card with One Punch Productions at the USF Sun Dome.

This should be interesting. I think he may make a run at a title and probably get a shot but will lose it. He hasn't faired so well in big fights.

I have been a huge Lacy fan since turning pro, but he has honestly gotting worse and worse. There is no doubt in my mind he needs or needed a better trainer to help him develop. He is exactly the same when he turned pro 9 years ago. I always defended him and could not wait to see him reach the next level, but I lost all hope with him, he will beat the B and C fighters, but not the A fighters. JT fought him like a bitch though by holding the whole damn fight, but it was still a pathetic performance by Lacy anyway. Lacy's defense is horrible too, he gets hit way too much. I think it is a good idea for Jeff to fight some scrubs right now and maybe get his confidence up and just maybe develop some better skills in the process if it is at all possible. It be great if he could train with Hopkins, so he could actually learn some stuff.
King Eugene
I think it would be great if he trained with Hopkins for a while. Hell even have a guy like Hopkins in his corner. I think a lot of older fighters could help out a lot of these younger guys. The problem is their egos and trying to be above asking someone for help. The vets wont be around long and you might as well pick their brain as much as you can. Watching film on them is one thing but actually getting first hand lessons is another.

Like I say egos just gets in the way. Some people just dont have balance. Their ego out weighs their talent.

I'd really like to see Lacy bounce back, get some quality wins under his belt and rematch Taylor or move up to LHW. Yea Jermaine held a lot in their fight but I felt he held no more than Hopkins usually do and what Shane did against Margarito. To some fans its holding but to others its smart clinching. Every one has their own opinion and preference.
I like Jeff Lacy a lot.

That said, he is toast and will be a non-factor. Unfortunately, Joe Calzaghe completely and thoroughly ruined Lefthook.
lacy is ruined.. if he continues he takes the risk of running into one of those fights that really hurt a fighter... he scares me staying in the ring... for those that dont understand what i say its the kind of punches that he takes and how he takes them...
Lacy should have been a football player. Might have been one hell of a running back.
I thought Lacy dropped Taylor in his last fight. He just didn't have the skills to match up for all ten rounds with Taylor. If he develops a decent jab, he will have a chance. He's shorter, so he needs to jab his to the inside. In the Taylor and Calzaghe fights, he took way too many shots just coming straight in. He needs to jab his way inside, and go to work once there. Maybe with a few tune ups, he'll gain confidence and be ready for a bigger fight.
jeff lacy? isn't he the guy that looked like an idiot against calzaghe? HAHAHHA, everyone was saying how he would fuck calzaghe up, but, didnt he get beat down like rihanna?

this is just as bad as someone thinking judah could make a comeback...but the problem is, how can you make a comeback when you never were on top to begin with?
Lacy did not knock Taylor down at all. Replay shows the punch just grazed Taylor's glove and Taylor was already falling to begin with.

I like Lacy but he could never hang with a boxer like Taylor or Calslappy....Jeramin and Calslappy punished him and Jermain hurt him 2 or 3 times. Lacy almost lost to Omar Sheika too.

I like Lacy alot though..his title run was short but sweet....
Big Slim Sweet
I'm a big Jeff Lacy fan as well but his career as a serious player in the sport is over forever. Calzaghe just ruined him. I feel bad when I watch Lacy fight because it seems deep down he knows he's ruined and doesn't understand how it all went downhill so fast.
QUOTE(Big Slim @ Mar 23 2009, 06:21 PM) [snapback]429413[/snapback]
I'm a big Jeff Lacy fan as well but his career as a serious player in the sport is over forever. Calzaghe just ruined him. I feel bad when I watch Lacy fight because it seems deep down he knows he's ruined and doesn't understand how it all went downhill so fast.

Yeah, that Calslappy fight was both a physical beatdown and a mind-f*ck. And his failed attempts at recovery is an example of just how severe the Calslappy fight was to his career.

Lacy should have changed trainers a long time ago ... as already stated, his growth as a boxer over the last few years have been unimpressive to say the least. If he is mentally the same old Lacy and fights like the same old Lacy ..... then it will matter little who promotes him .... he will continue to be only be a blip on the radar.
Lacy tearing up his shoulder against Tsypko didn't help either.
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