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This just in! Former #1 Pound For Pound Fighter In The World, First Ever 4-Division World Champion, The only former Jr. Middleweight to go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship, The Lineal Heavyweight Champion, the Undefeated Hall Of Famer, CyruS "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS (23-0-0 14KOs) has announced his comeback to FHWeBL!

The last time anyone saw The Hall Of Famer turn Promoter in the ring was an exhibition fight against Jerry "The Moose" Drake for the Lineal Heavyweight Championship on April 6, 2008. The last time TOS had a real fight was against the then Undefeated Heavyweight Champion Of The World, "The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes way back on November 4th of 2007 where he won World Heavyweight Championship.

TOS has made it clear that he will have a list of possible opponents within a few days.

The King is back!
Several fighters, obviously keen for a large pay day, have stepped forward to be TOS first comeback opponent.

Harold "Harry" Angus claims he will fight TOS for the REAL cruiserweight title. "I never lost my titles. I'm the linear champ. I will fight him in a heartbeat, give him his shot at 5 world titles."

Official champion Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton has also said he is willing to defend his belts against TOS. "It's an easy win for a whole lotta money."

Other names in the frame are Maxy "Ice Cream" Gawn, Bugsy "Long" Gawn and world heavyweight champion Lanky "Maxy" Gawn.

They all await TOS response.
Oh my god ohmy.gif Is there any chance TOS still weighs under 200 pounds? biggrin.gif

This is shocking. If its a serious comeback, TOS risks his 0 ohmy.gif

Travis Simms would definitely be ready for a fight at a catchweight of 166 aggressive.gif
TOS chose to come back, when the league died. Bad timing TOS...laugh.gif
Come on, G, our league's not having its best time, but its not dying. We cant let that happen smile.gif
I'm keeping my gyms open. Yeah, the league is going through a dry patch but it dont mean I want to shut things down.
The truth is, we really need to get the regular posters to join...we should start a new league.
Tried to get regular posters to join but they don't seem interested. There are a few (2 or 3) gyms who I aint got a clue who runs them and I've got a mate who is keen to join our league as soon as he gets back online.

Like I said, I'm gonna keep my gyms open in the hope that perhaps our league will go through another good spell. What good would starting again do?

In the meantime....

I forgot I still have the worlds most beloved and popular prospect, David Archuleta...maybe Team Judah has hope after all!
Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn still has high hopes for David Archuleta....and so does Dipsy's wife!

Mike Taylor got KO'd twice while I was gone....

Hey guys...I gotta be keep the league alive...we must develop more trash talk in the Press Release section and build rivarlies between our new fighters..prospect rivalry....prospect-veteran...champion-champion..champion-contender rivalry...whatever...

Judah-Cotto-Maussa was a classic rivarly..

Dipsy calling out TOS was a classic rivalry..

More stuff like that needs to happen...

Just saying..

Like I got a new prospect who I'm looking to make into a World Champion and I expect him to be a HUGE draw along with my boy Archuleta!
The more rivalries and trash talking the better.

You need to create more prospects. Build them up slow, get them talking, build up a rep.

Shits inspiring.
TOS's List Of Possible Opponents REVEALED!

And here is the list of possible opponents for TOS's return to the ring, written by tos himself!

High Percentage to Land The Fight
1. Harold "Harry" Angus - Years of shit-talking from this clown. Plain and simple, this man ducked my ass forever! I want his bum ass in the ring! But I want ol Harold to win the Cruiserweight title so he can become Undisputed Cruserweight Champ since he has the real belts and we can fight for the Undisputed Title and I can finally win that title that I should have had a long time ago.

2. Lanky "Maxy" Gawn - Current World Heavyweight Champion. The fight would be the biggest height and weight disparity I would ever come up against and would crown the first ever Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of The World since I'm the real champ!

3. Bugsy "Long" Gawn - Just to put an end to Bugsy's only claim to fame which is a majority decision loss to me back in the Jr. Middeweight days.

No Chance in Hell unless Super Money is involved
4. Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn - Paper Champion with enough paper title defenses to restore the amazon rainforest.

5. Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton - who?

* Anybody else that wants some make an offer but make sure you take out a big life insurance policy cuz chances are i will mop yo ass all over the ring!
All five of the fighters recently linked with a possible bout against comebacking ring legend Cyrus "Touch oF SleeP" Virus have issued press statements in order to clarify their position as of now.

By far the most vocal of the potential opponents is Bugsy "Long" Gawn who told reporters, "I've never given up on the hope that I can get this rematch with SleeP. I've been around for so long, had nearly 100 fights and in all that time I've always felt that SleeP should honour me with the chance to box him again. I am the man who took him closer than anybody else ever did. I'm a veteran, a man who ain't afraid of no man. I'll fight you in your back yard with everybody in the place baying for my blood. Nothing concerns me. I just want the chance to do this and to be honest I think I'm the ideal opponent for him. He's been away a long time but now he's back in training he's gonna want to make a big impression on his return. I offer him the chance to put to bed the majority decision he won against me once and for all. Truth is, when we first boxed one of the judges saw the fight as a draw. That's right, one man figured I deserved a share of the spoils in that fight. I ask you to seriously consider me because I deserve that chance. I'll wait for your I've waited for what already seems like eternity."

World cruiserweight champion Soul "Erotic Thunder" Canton dismissed SleeP as a phoney and questioned why the former multi-weight champion commanded such interest. He said, "From where I stand this man is a fraud, a phoney. I would not only beat him, I would beat him up, punish him, torture him and knock him out. I would stand over him with my arms held aloft and tell the world what I have known since I was just a kid watching the fights on the box...the man is a nothing but a hype machine, a bum with no substance. It wouldn't take me anymore than 8 rounds to humiliate him. If he wants the cruiserweight title he has to come through me. I'm the champion."

Record holding heavyweight legend Dipsy "Lipstick" Gawn said with a smile, "Never thought he'd consider me even though everyone knows I'm 200Ibs over weight. Fact is he stage managed his career and good luck too him. I doubt we'll ever see him back in the ring. It's just a publicity stunt, nothing more."

Lanky "Maxy" Gawn seemed unsure of his chances of landing the fight. "It's a pay day, easy money...big money but the risk is all his. I got the belts right here and if he wants to create some more history he needs to take me out. BUT, I know I'm way too big a risk for him. He might say he considers me as a potential opponent but the truth is he'd much rather stay away from me. I'm too big, too strong and just too damn good for a little fella like him. I'd knock him out in 3 rounds."

Finally Harold "Harry Angus told reporters, "I'd need to see him in the opposite corner before I believed he'd actually gone through with it. I've always questioned his balls. It's like, from where I am right now, SleeP is just some old fighter who ain't laced on a pair of gloves for so long the old films of him in action are all grainy and shit. He don't want none of Harry Angus. If he did he'd have done it when I was running things at 200Ibs. Man up SleeP...take someone on, anyone with a pulse...but don't slag me down when you ain't got no intention of fighting me and don't go fucking about with no 'he's gotta win the belts first' bullshit cos every mother fucker knows I NEVER lost my belts."
From what I hear, TOS still wants to fight Angus but wants it to be for the Undisputed Cruiserweight Championships. That is the fight TOS wants the most. It's up to Harold Angus if he has enough balls to man up and win the World title first.
Holmes has set his sights on both TOS and ANGUS....
Harold "Harry" Angus has ruled out fighting for the world cruiserweight title, therefore seemingly ending any hope of a fight between himself and TOS.

Angus told reporters outside the Krumbsnatcher gym, "I won't be fighting Soul Canton for his belts because he's my fighter, he fights out of my gym and I don't think it would be in either of our interests to make such a fight. In all honesty I don't want those belts back and even if Soul loses to whoever, I wont be fighting for the belts again. TOS has made some noise about coming back and, yeah, I would be interested because it would be an event, but it won't be a world title fight. He can make as many demands as he likes...the truth is he aint done nothing in this sport for so long that nobody gives a damn about him, or his demands. In fact, I don't care if I never hear from him again. Go back to bed SleeP, your fighting days are done son."

Heavyweight champion Lanky "Maxy" Gawn has once again offered to put his belts on the line against SleeP. Gawn told us, "I'm free to make a voluntary defence and I am offering SleeP that opportunity. I think Dipsy was right though. I think TOS made some noise about coming back but in reality he isn't interested in facing anyone. His fighting days are over. With that said, I give him until Sunday evening UK time to make an announcement otherwise I shall be vacating my belts and retiring."

I recently sat down with the Undefeated 4-Division World Champion Hall Of Famer, TOS, about is comeback.

FHWeBL : How's it going Sleep?

TOS : Horrible.

FHWeBL : Why's that?

TOS : Cuz you got this punk ass Harold Angus ducking me. After all that shit he talked, after everything, he still hiding! I mean, he just fought last week! He's good to go man.

FHWeBL : He said he will not give in to your demand in trying to go out and win the World Cruiserweight Title from his own fighter, Soul Canton.

TOS : What's the big deal? Have you seen Harold's last 2 fights? It was against his own fighters! He beat up a bum and before that he beat up on Nigel McGuinness, one of the biggest falloffs in the sport. He had no problem fighting them and taking people's money. Why not fight Soul Canton, beat him, become Undisputed Champion and then fight me. I'm supposed to be the man he "always" wanted the most.

FHWeBL : I'm going to give you a quote from Harry and I want you to give me your thoughts. "He can make as many demands as he likes...the truth is he aint done nothing in this sport for so long that nobody gives a damn about him, or his demands. In fact, I don't care if I never hear from him again."

TOS : Look at that shit. When I was in my prime I chased Harold from when I was a Middleweight and he ducked me. When I finally retired Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Harold started calling me out. Even on his damn website it reads "The Only fight I want is TOS!". Well, Guess what bitch! I've returned from retirement and where is he? Back to ducking me. Men lie, women lie, facts don't! All I want is for Harold to do what he has already done, fight this no name bum from his gym and become Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion and I will sign the papers to fight Angus no problem.

FHWeBL : Let's change gears for a moment, current World Heavyweight Champion, Lanky Gawn recently gave you deadlines....

TOS : Man fuck Lanky Gawn! Who the hell is he to give me deadlines? He thinks he's hot shit cuz he knocked out a guy I could beat with one hand? I'm the biggest fight Lanky would have in his career period. He better recognize and not throw rock at my throne.

FHWeBL : He sided with Dipsy in saying that they believe you are just trying to make headlines but do not in actuality want to fight.

TOS : Of course he's gonna side with that Paper Champion Dipsy. Dipsy is mad cuz I won't give his paper ass the time of day. He's mad that with all his accomplishments that a fighter such as myself, you know, the greatest! Take's a shit on his accomplishments and uses his paper title to wipe my ass. As far as their bum ass opinion, fact is, I'm here to fight and I am here to fight Harold Angus for the Undisputed Cruiserweight Titles. That is why I am here. If Harold wants to run from me AGAIN, after all that shit he has talked about me then who in actuality doesn't want to fight? Shiiiiit if Harold was Champion today, I would fight him tomorrow.

FHWeBL : anything to say in closing?

Harold "Harry" Angus has virtually ruled out a fight with fellow ring legend Cyrus "Touch oF SleeP" ViruS, it has just been revealed.

Angus told fighthype this afternoon, "TOS has put his terms on the line and I have categorically turned them down. If we could fight for the sake of fighting, then yes, we could do this any time, anywhere...but sadly TOS still thinks he can make demands and I will adhere to them just so I get the fight. At one time I would definitely have jumped through fire to get this fight, but age has mellowed me and I simply don't want to box Soul Canton or whoever else might hold the 200Ib belts. His says I have to be the champion before he will fight me. Sadly for boxing fans the world over I wont be fighting for the title so I guess that is the end of the matter. We have always been so slosely linked it's a travesty that we never fought one another, but that is life. Sometimes some things just aren't meant to be."

So, TOS may want to make a comeback but his no.1 choice of opponent has ruled himself out on the terms made by SleeP....will this spell the end of comeback talk from TOS and will Dipsy and Lanky Gawns predictions that this was all some type of sham to get headlines, eventually prove to be true?

Watch this space.
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