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Full Version: Rumors of a Judah return!
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Althought he is not the fighter he once was, Judah put on a brutal display of punishing inside fighting against undefeated Welterweight Champion at the time J. Sharp.

Judah has not been seen and heard from since then....

No nothing...

But JUDAH WANTS REVENGE on Sharp....because the ref was paid off last time according to him.

Although we don't have any word from the man himself, these are rumors from people "close" to Judah...

It's no secret that Judah has ruined fighters....he ruined Herman Ngdoujo....Sharp just hasn't been the same since the Judah fight.

Now these questions are asked...

Is Sharp's LIFE in danger?

Will we see the old Judah in his return?

Will Sharp get a BEATING of his life again?

Will the referee save Sharp aagin?

Will Sharp feel the WRATH of an ANGRY Zab Judah?

Will Sharp be a VEGGY after Judah is done with him IF Judah returns...

For those who don't know what the Wrath Of Zab Judah is all the anger, years of cocaine, years of depression, all the ghetto rage inside of him EXPLODING on is a scary happened to these young P4Pers...and they were never the same again...laugh.gif

you be the judge!
Sharp wants the fight.

He feels that he has been mentally destroyed by Zab Judah and he wants the chance to put it behind himso he can get on with his career. At one time Sharp believed he was invincible. Then he fought Judah and the doubts crept in. Judah should have beaten him and was unlucky, to say the least, that he got disqualified.

Sharp NEEDS Judah but the question remains...

Has Judah put the voodoo sign on him?
Sharp is not the same anymore. Judah will run over him......WHEN he returns!
Judah signs to fight Ricky Hatton but is still nowhere to be seen...but sends short message!!!
The legendary Zab Judah's along with Cyrus "TOS" Virus return has sparked up the WeBL. Judah has signed to fight Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton in his comeback fight. But, Judah is still MIA and is no where to be seen. Rumor has it, Judah has been living in the woods since after his fight with J. Sharp.

"When Zab fights...people watch....he is the most exciting fighter of his generation and has some legendary accomplishments....he is quite possibly the biggest draw in league entire Boxing community is excited to see his return. I'm feeling nastolgic right now...." said a Larry Merchant.

According to Judah's friend...Judah is not returning for money but something that he feels he always needed to do before he retired.....In Judah's own words...



And somewhere out there...Sharp and Hatton just pissed themselves...

It's on guys....he's back.
Hatton not at 100%?
According to the press in Manchester Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton has not looked great preparing for his upcoming super fight against the returning legend Zab "Super" Judah. The "Fatman" apparently struggles to get his weight down and is rumored to have been knocked down in sparring by his training partner Ricardo Torres.
Hattons going to bring thousands of drunken singing English fans with him to the US.

Bradley excited about Judah return
In the meantime the reigning Super Lightweight Champion Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley (32-1-2) has stated that he is eager to put his championship on the line against Judah. Bradley suffered is only career loss by the hands of Zab Judah when Bradley was still a prospect. It was a controversial matchup as Team Bradley stated that hey had never signed a contract for such a fight that early. Since then Team Bradley does not want to do any business with Don King, but Bradley himself wants that rematch more than anything.
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