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Full Version: Judah successfull in return...KO's Hatton in 1 round!
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In a packed arena at Madison Square Garden, Judah's return to the ring was successful as he knocked out Ricky Hatton with a brutal uppercut. Hatton, a former belt holder, has 2 wins over Zab Judah's little brother Jabdiel Judah and 2 wins over Miguel Cotto. Hatton would clinch Judah early and seemed like he wanted to work the body to wear Zab down for the later rounds but Judah put on a vintage performance and unleashed a vicious uppercut sent Hatton to the mat and Hatton was unable to beat the 10 count.

Ringside was Miguel Cotto...
Sitting ringside Jarret "White Light" Sharp threw a beer can at Judah immediately after the fight and was promptly removed from the arena. He told reporters, "Judah is gonna get put to sleep if he ever dares mix it with me again. I owe him a crushing beat down. The man should not be anywhere near a boxing ring and for his healths sake he should never dare step inside those ropes with me again."

Sharp has been fined $2,000 for his beer can throwing incident.
Cotto : "I want the last Cotto-Judah Fight to be for a World Title!"

FHWeBL : Miguel, Zab Judah recently cameback from another stint in retirement and knocked out a fighter that has beaten you twice in Ricky Hatton.

Cotto via interpreter : We go through that all time, I beat some fighters that beat him, he beats some fighters that beat me.

FHWeBL : Zab says he wants you in one more final match.

Cotto via interpreter : We had a final match before, I retired him but he came back stronger than before. For that I give him his due. I would love another Judah fight but I want the last Cotto-Judah Fight to be for a World Title!

FHWeBL : You both have gone through grueling careers. Zab himself has retired a few times, you never have. Both of you are not nearly in your primes so how do you expect it to be for a World Title?

Cotto via interpreter : Every Cotto-Judah fight has been for a World Title and the last one shouldn't be any different. Either one of us can win a World Title in any given night. The world saw Zab beat Sharp for the Undisputed Welterweight Titles before Zab was DQ'd. Even if we are not in our primes, we know how to win.

FHWeBL : Any final words?

Cotto via interpreter : To all my fans, I will be World Champion one more time. And to Zab, I look forward to retiring you once and for all!
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