The show "Fighting Spirit" or "Hajime No Ippo" is a Japanese show is a show about Boxing and every younger Boxing fan SHOULD watch this. (Fuck it I'm a younger fan so I like it). It's a really popular comic book over there and the great thing about it is its very realistic and not some over the top show. I used to have a Japanese classmate in school 2 years ago who knew I liked Boxing who used to tell me about this show and I had no clue about it but I knew it from a game I used to play called "Victorioius Boxers" for the Ps2 which is consdiered the best Boxing game to date by alot of fans but recently I've been watching it and it's great. Basically it's about Boxing changing the life of a wimp kid. He discovers a Boxing gym, begins to watch Boxing and falls in love with it. It's great stuff and the younger fans would appreciate it. It's good stuff. What's good about it is its realistic and there are mentions of real life boxers (Tyson, Hearns, Leonard, Dempsey).