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Full Version: UFC undisputed demo
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Im not big into mma but i just downloaded this demo and it is all kinds of awesome holy shit anything you can do in a bout can be done in this game......that is all

*goes back to pounding liddel's face*
It looks fun I'll be getting it.

RAMPAGE JACKSON will be my guy in the game.
You ain't lyin', KK.....I DLed it's a very limited demo, but it's fucking fantastic...I have no doubt the full game's gonna be out of this world....there's supposedly gonna be 80+ fighters in it....

Very impressive looking game. Graphics kind of surprised me, crazy all the fighters they have too.
Must have something to do with fans being picky. Because on MMA boards, I have heard mostly bad things from the MMA fans that the controls suck and not as good as pride on ps2 or something years back. I downloaded the demo and thought it was decent, though I don't follow MMA. I think it has something to do about being picky, like boxing fans will probably find so much wrong with fight night, though it seems good to the average person.
Because from what I have heard, it's been mainly bad things on the game from the fans themselves, though it seems pretty decent to myself.
yea your right i guess since i don't know the intricacies of mma i cant really bitch about details so the shit seems straight to me.....but I'm not picky in my boxing games either, unless its some shit that doesn't make any fucking sense like a straight right hand doing the same damage as a jab(FNR3) Round 4 looks dope to me as well i guess when it comes to games about combat sports there is always going to be something they have to sacrifice for the sake giving the game a high fun factor.
Yep, that said I played the demo of UFC and I enjoyed it, but I don't know as much as the MMA fans so there could be some big flaws that I am unaware of.
Those sherdog guys or whoever are just being jackasses....I would say (as of right now) I'm an 8, 8.5 on the knowing MMA scale...used to be higher....and according to the seems this game is very, very good....if the multiplay ends up sucking, then it will be a different story....but the gameplay, looks, and moves are solid from what I see so far....

Those nerds are probably mad because it doesn't have their "cool, underground choice" of their favorite fighter on there...or because The West Indian Grundle Lock isn't in the game or some bullshit...

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