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Full Version: Duddy loses 1st fight
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He lost to Billy Lyell last night in New Jersey. Hopefully this puts an end to the Pavlik-Duddy talk.
Damn..he looked better than ever in his last fight against Vanda (although he got rocked in the end).
You kinda get the feeling that it was going to happen soon. JCC Jr. will be next.
BigG; the only reason he looked better than ever was because Vanda didn't let his hands got til the last round. This was bound to happen, any fighter that lets his hands go against Duddy has success. This just pisses me off because if Vanda lets his hands go he'd be the one who pulled off that upset. Duddy has been overhyped from the beginning, and even though he's got some good power he's just way too easy to hit. Pavlik would have destroyed him, as would most other top ranked middles. I'm sure they'll chalk this up to Duddy being unprepared or what-not, but he'll fight another "tune up" and get beat. I'd love to see Andy Kolle vs. John Duddy. JCC Jr. at least has a good jab and some decent skills in there. He'll go further than Duddy.
it was just a matter of time before duddy got beat...
Mean Mister Mustard
Now a JCC jr V.S John Duddy fight is possible since Duddy doesn't have that 0 to lose anymore.

And who is the guy that beat him? Is he good?
The guy that beat Duddy was Billy Lyell. I believe he was 18-6 going into the fight, and I think he was decent. Never seen him, but heard he comes to fight at least. I think Chavez beats Duddy if that happens by the way. I'm tellin yall, don't be surprised if Kolle-Duddy happens. Duddy has already fought two MN fighters, and has fought midwestern opponents before.
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