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Full Version: Angus-Holmes Heavyweight championship
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Cruiserweight legend Harold "Harry" Angus has officially signed to meet the self-proclaimed greatest heavyweight champion of them all, "The Eastern Assassin" Larry Holmes on May 10th. The hugely anticipated match-up will see Angus attempting to regain the heavyweight title from champion Holmes and promises to be an explosive encounter.

"We are ring legends. I'm the most dominant cruiserweight the world has ever seen and I've proven that by never losing a fight at only defeats both came to much bigger men at heavyweight so I go into this fight knowing that I'ma be the under dog. All I'll say for now's best get your ticket quick cos this is the hottest show in town and Harry Angus is about to break some heads!"

More to come.....
TOS's Official Response to Holmes-Angus World Heavyweight Championship Match!

......more news at it arrives..........

Harold took this fight for the payday. He knows he cant beat Holmes at Heavyweight. Harold-TOS is a MUCH closer fight!
Harold's performance resembled some of Hector Camacho's post performances after his fight with Edwin Rosario...Harold ran like a bitch the last few rounds. In a rematch, Holmes would give him a wedgie, take his lunch money, and hang that little bitch in his locker. Holmes was once again the power puncher and lost a close decision to the more popular fight...the SYSTEM did Larry Holmes in! And this is a WAY past his prime Holmes....(well, he is really, since I've totally lost my touch in making fighter plans laugh.gif). Harold ANUS is a first class DOUCHEBAG and reminds me of the WeBL Joe Calzaghe.

laugh.gif laugh.gif
Angus won a clear decision and if you look at the stats he was throwing and landing more punches than Holmes in the first 8 rounds of the fight. More power punches too.

He coasted the last 3 or 4 rounds with the decision and the title in the bag.

Holmes doesn't know how to lose with style.
Holmes mouth is beginning to get out of know what that means...we might have another classic rivarly in the making...laugh.gif
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