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Full Version: Bad News!!
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It's always sad to hear these stories..5 days after a title fight,he dies..

RIP Benjamin Flores

Read what people had to say about it at the bottem of the article too..People have no idea what they are talking about but seem to want to voice their opinion anyway..

5:26PM May 5 2009
For me Boxing is not a Sport...just two guys beating the crap out of one another and this guys death should be going to court and get a harsh sentencing. lt's not any different then when two guys beat each other in the Streets and one dies because of the injuries received."
Very sad only 24 yrs old i feel for his family. May he rest in peace.

As for the comment made that person obviousley knows nothing about the sport.

Boxing is more than just a sport too many.
We are all quick to rip on fighters for many things, but unfortunate instances like this can put things into perspective. These guys put there lives at risk for something they love, and us fans love to watch. I have the utmost respect for anyone who steps in the ring. Some people need to realize boxing is a way out and just maybe this is all they have, it is not just a fight in the streets. Anyway, R.I.P and prayers to his family and friends.
RIP Benjamin Flores..

I only saw him fight once against Bernabe Conception. He was a good fighter.
Jack 1000
Very sad. But at the same time, we have to remember that a fighter risks his life every time he steps into the ring. That is the nature of boxing. I think the top boxing commissions have some of the best medical and safety standards for our sport. I am proud of their efforts in terms of their commitment to fighter safety.

It sounds like nothing was done wrong of the officiating of the fight. But we may have to prepare for a rash of quick stoppages for fights in Texas for a little while, because their will be the need to exercise caution. Lawrence Cole who worked the fight is known for quick stoppages as it is, so we will see what happens.

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