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Full Version: Star Trek 2009
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I just had a chance to view the new Star Trek movie.

As a fan of Star trek, I have to say that this latest edition of the series is the worst. They totally lost all the qualities that makes Star Trek a series above the rest. As with all movies today, the concept is borderline sound, but the execution is horrible. The greatest flaw with movies today is the total reliance on technology to present a vision. If you examine the trek movies of old -- Concept, Vision, Execution was the order of the day. And because they didn't have the technological tools {CGI} we have in this modern era, they had to make due with much less. And it worked, because it forced them to be CREATIVE.

Fast-forward to Star Trek 2009. What is it with this society that everyone has to be made into a some sort of HERO with other-worldly characteristics and attributes. Kirk, for some reason that totally escapes me, is transformed into a super being from birth.

What's wrong with an ordinary man that does extra-ordinary things?

And that is the beginning of this movies faults. In an effort to make Kirk into an Anakin Skywalker, of the Star Trek world, they compromised the potential plot of the movie. Every actor is flying by the seat of their pants and pretty much do what they want, when they want. Eliminating the concept of discipline that has been a hallmark of every Trek film to date. The timeline of technology is totally ignored for the sake of making a spectacular special effects movie.

Is it me? Or has the advancement of technology diminished our ability to be creative.

This movie answers that question by putting technology and its use ahead of any pure creativity demonstrated by the writers, producers, actors and its director.

Hey!!! Hollywood .... don't do any more remakes or walks down memory lane.


Star Trek 2009
Graphics - Very Good
Concept - Mediocre
Sound - Very Good
Acting - Some bright spots ... but mostly subpar
Adherence to Star Trek lore - Poor
Mean Mister Mustard
Never been a fan and don't intend to see the movie. I agree with you about Hollywood's over reliance on CGI, it sucks! 10 years from now people will look at it and say "Man all those movies looked alike"
The Original MrFactor
I've been a ST fan since the early 70's. I even loved Enterprise. This movie was GREAT!!. I loved it. They did go away from ST lore. However, they did explain it multiple times in the movie. They even made it more realistic in terms of how the ships react to the environment of outerspace. The ships are dirty and more realisticly rendered in space. I look forward to sequels with this cast.
I'm a STAR WARS fan above and beyond. BUT...I've always dabbled a little bit into ST. I love Wrath of Khan just as much as any die hard Trek fan....but from the outset...this movie just seemed like BS to me.

I HATE when we are asked to suspend our knowledge of the effects of the prior film and just accept that these "prequels" are supposed to show the earlier history.....with HUGE effects!

Lucas tried extreamly hard to tailor the ships and locals of the 3 prequels to look as if they were early versions of the ships and locals we see in episodes 4-6. BUT....the overall level of effects is so can't really accept that.

When I saw the previews for this film....I knew it was going to be the same case.

I totally agree with the first poster that stated that ST has always been noted for it's military chain of command aura, which really has always been an identifying hallmark of the series....ST's tone has always been very serious and slower paced.....when I saw the previews for this reminded me of HUGE action films like Die Hard!

And that for me....made it seem VERY UN-Trek like.

I understand the concept of attempting to gain a larger fanbase of new fans.....but ST has a HUGE loyal following that should also be respected.....
Bill The Butcher
Not really a big Star Trek fan like some people. But I'm a fan of a good entertaining movie, and that's what this new Star Trek movie is. Good. Entertaining.

My Dad is a big time Star Trek fan. Watched the old TV show, the old movies, the new TV shows, the new movies, blah, blah, blah...and he really liked this one.

My brother is an aspiring screenwriter, sort of a movie buff, and he even liked the movie.

And my Mom, a fan of B rated slap stick horror films... she liked the movie as well.

I'm not saying that my families opinion about movies mean anything, but just wanted to get my point across that four people with different views on movies liked this film.

Looking forward to a sequel with these actors and setting.
I can't believe with the state of the economy, that americans spent 75million in one weekend to see this shit parade. astounding.
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