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Full Version: The league needs new gyms, fighters, prospects, champions...
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Honestly, I wanna get back into this thing and make a good gym again but I think the only division that's alive is the heavyweights. Fights are just getting recycled in the lower weights. As I was checking results...the belt is basically being passed around and people are forgetting to switch up fight plans.The same fighters keep fighting each other. The league is dying...and honestly the last worth wile fight is TOS vs. Angus. After that, it's basically dead. Where are Cyrus and BJH at? I think we should take C.E.O's advice and start over...or fix it up because I see no point in continuing this league unless we make a change. The league also has no trash talk anymore.
I've noticed a few new gyms floating about but they don't seem to have many fighters. I'm talking about Language Barriers, Another World, Delayed Detonation and Blue Mountain. I think there are a couple of others too. Maybe they are just someones extra gym but at the end of the day if they make more fighters its better for the league. I'm starting to fade out some fighters from my main gym and I'll move them to another bum gym so that I've got room to create more talent.

Cyrus and BJH need a few new faces too and it would be good if CEO made a comeback.
I think we need more bum gyms. I'll open mine again as keep some fighters active.

This thing is really fun when were REALLY into it. Wish Al Hata would come back.

But I feel Cyrus and BJH are not serious anymore.
I still check the results daily and change my fight plans from time to time, but must admit im not really motivated. I do have three Gyms running at the moment. I just dont do the whole press release thing really. Blayde take my heart to fight.
Yeah it still seems to gradually slow down ... I do login several times a week, but I have to admit I rarely checked out the press releases and this forum lately.

I dont know ... Keeping it running, trying a new start. Id probably be fine with anything.
QUOTE (biggeorge89 @ May 10 2009, 04:18 AM) *
I think we should take C.E.O's advice and start over...

I'm goin' on vacation from June 6th-21st......IF y'all wanna create a brand new "FightHype" WeBL League...I'll come back.

We could make June 28th The Inaugural Day....with everyone starting at the same time.....
Would be interesting for sure. The old one would always be there to check out the old stats smile.gif

You know if anyone new would join, too? And we probably should also post in the press releases with all those unknown gyms.
My gym won its 100th title making it the 4th gym to reach that mark.
The league seems to be doing OK. I managed to persuade a couple of people from elsewhere to join the league and some random gyms have popped up, plus I re-opened a couple of the ancient retired gyms.

Only problem I've got is hardly anyone issues press releases anymore but that might pick up maybe. Anyway, I'm quite happy with it and just play it a bit more casually these days, at least until some of these "unknown" gyms start making some proper noise.
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