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Full Version: Boxing is the Greatest Sport in the World.
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Just thought I'd share this video I found on youtube....I love Boxing so much.
Mean Mister Mustard
I like the part where Calzaghe is showboating and the text says "Did I underacheve?" Hell yes!
No doubt boxing is the #1 sport i don't give a f*Ck what anyone else says.

That was a great video.

There really isn't a sport anywhere as personal, tough, dramatic or utterly human around. Boxing has it all.

King Eugene
I almost shed a tear...sniff sniff
Awesome video! I realized about midway through the video my mouth was hanging on the floor. Yeah... nothing could ever replace boxing for me.
As my name so simply puts it,..... BOXING IS STILL #1......
Boxing IS and always will be the greatest sport ever. I think that is one thing us boxing nuts can finally agree on. Long live Boxing.
great video. I love it.
Thanks for the link BigG,I really liked the video a lot..

Great Video!
I knew this was a topic before. And I should have known Fitz would bump it. laugh.gif

This is a HORRIBLE representation of boxing.

First of all, there was not enough footage of THE Pacquiao. I mean, I think there were clips from about 11 fights:

Mayweather vs. Hatton
Hopkins vs. Pavlik
Williams vs. Margarito
Cotto vs. Gomez
Marquez vs. Diaz
Prescott vs. Khan
Calzaghe vs. Jones
Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya
Margarito vs. Cotto
Mosley vs. Margarito
Margarito vs. Cintron

11 fights and only one of them was one of Manny's? Get the fuck out of here with that. Even worse, there were clips from 4, count 'em, FOUR of Margacheato's fights. That's way too much face time for a cheatin ass bastard like him. Don't get me wrong, the footage of Shane puttin' the beatdown on him was great, but all that other footage of him should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Second, where's the Klitschko footage damn it? How dare they just represent light heavyweight on down. Where are the big boys at? Can a Klitscho brotha get some love? Or how about a cruiserweight? In fact, how dare they not have any footage from Adamek vs. Cunningham?


Third, naaaaaah...I'm just playin....that shit was tight!


Now I'm even more pumped for November 14th when THE Pacquiao lays the smackdown on Cotto.


THE Pacquiao TKO10

And the legend continues to grow!!!!


The reason I posted this again is because the first video I posted was removed from youtube LONG ago.....I'ma make my own Boxing is the Greatest Sport video.
QUOTE (BigG @ Nov 3 2009, 05:19 AM) *
The reason I posted this again is because the first video I posted was removed from youtube LONG ago.....I'ma make my own Boxing is the Greatest Sport video.

Do it good, then. theHype has some pretty good suggestions.
If were talking recent stuff I say for cruiserweight I suggest either the Adamek/Cunningham fight or one of the 2 Mormeck/Bell fights..

For heavyweight I suggest maybe the KO of Danny Williams from V.Klitchko or the KO of Brock against W. Klitchko..Other kinda recent footage would be Brewster/Lyakhovich..

I don't care how long ago it was,Corrales/Castillo has got to make the cut..

Dawson/Johnson 1


Any of Pac-man's fights..
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