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Full Version: Holyfield vs. Ezzard Charles
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Who do ya all think would win this fight??I think this would be a really sweet fight to see..I'll post my opinion later..

Would the weight divisions make a difference??If so,write your opinion for both divisions..I think the weight divisions would make for different fights but not sure if it'd be the same outcome..Let me know what ya all think..
i do think the weight is a pivitol factor. i have only seen some brief clips of charles fighting so i have to go more on what i have read about him, and i think it is safe to say we all know much more about holyfield. charles wins at cruiserweight because size is less of a factor and skill/technique would be more important. charles was a smooth fluid technically sound boxer. holyfield wins at heavyweight because he carried that weight much better. he added much more size and strength then charles did after they moved up. holyfield would of been better able to bully charles around much more at heavyweight. charles moved up to HW because that was where the fights were but he never really moved up to that division physically and probably could of fought at cruiserweight his entire career. i think at some point holyfield would of had to move up because he was a really large cruiserweight.
Cruiser - Charles KO9 Headbuttfield

Heavy - Charles by DQ


interesting fight i always thought that holyfield was kind a mirror of charles... their styles was a lot alike... cant call this one...
I can't believe my Headbuttfield didn't get somethin' from Big G or Blaze...
I think this fight would be best at cruiserweight..I'm not sure who would win and it'd be a tough fight to break down..I could see either one winning this fight at cruiser..I give an edge to Holy at heavyweight..
Holy would butt him like a billygoat. He is also satanic so that explains the horns coming out of his head.
QUOTE (The C.E.O. @ May 22 2009, 09:43 AM) *
I can't believe my Headbuttfield didn't get somethin' from Big G or Blaze...

Pure denial. lol
QUOTE (Spyder @ May 26 2009, 09:31 AM) *
Pure denial. lol know....all I wanted was some action....
I don't think Holy head butt..If he head butt so much like you guys say,how come he never got called for an intentional head butt in all his fights??It was his style that caused head butts..He was not a dirty fighter though..
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