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Full Version: Williams vs. Cintron and Greene vs. Martinez?
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King Eugene

This would be a very interesting double header with the winners facing off with each other. I think Martinez gets an easy UD. As far as Williams vs. Cintron. Initially I'd pick Williams all day but if Cintron can box Williams like he did Angulo (which I'm sure he wont cause its two totally different styles) or like Quintana out boxed Williams (which was a fluke) then I'd give Cintron a pretty descent shot. It would be a looooooooooong shot but yet a shot. We'll see.

Oh and what do you guys think about Spinks vs. Cintron? I'm still up in the air on that one.

Williams-Cintron would be real ugly. PW's pressure style would hand him a victory within 5 rounnds. Cintron's ONLY CHANCE would have to be by landing one big power punch on Paul and hoping to hurt him and stop him. There stamina, desire,mentality are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Spimks-Cintron would be more competative I think. Judging by Spinks last couple of performances, he def lost a step. I would still favor Spinks to outpoint him, but I would not be too surprised if Cintron could stop him late in the fight.
I think Williams handles Cintron fairly easily. More to do with with there (Williams and Cintrons') mental attitudes then physical attributes.
For a guy who's career is so defined by his crying after losing to Marg, Cintron really has been willing to fight the very most dangerous fighters out there. Marg twice, Angulo, and now Williams. I'd have to say that he's been redeemed and then some. Williams will win on pressure and is the exact worst guy for Cintron's style, but you got to love Cintron for taking the fight.
Poor Cintron... I give him points for heart though.
Williams beats Cintron, Martinez beats Greene, and then....guess what, D-Marv?

Martinez blasts Williams out.
Williams will punish Cintron... mid rounds TKO
Mean Mister Mustard
I think Williams can walk through Cintron's bombs just like Margarito did. Cintron showed a lot of poise against Angulo but like 3King said, they are different styles. One things is that I don't expect Williams to stop Cintron as early as Margarito did if at all.
QUOTE (The C.E.O. @ Jun 3 2009, 09:43 AM) *
Williams beats Cintron, Martinez beats Greene, and then....guess what, D-Marv?

Martinez blasts Williams out.

Kermit's going to have to do alot of holding and hiting on the inside to have a chance just at wining some rounds you would think?
Big Slim Sweet
I'd rather just see Williams vs. Martinez.
Sugar Q
QUOTE (Big Slim @ Jun 3 2009, 12:34 PM) *
I'd rather just see Williams vs. Martinez.

Good action while it last but I got Williams beating him down.
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