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Full Version: Sugar Ray Robinson vs Marvin Hagler...
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At 160 Robinson wasn't what he was at 147, but he was still amazing, as he demonstrated against Lamotta in the St Valentines Day Massacre and against Graziano before the European tour.

How does that version of Robinson stack up with Marvin?
It would be a trilogy..Marvin wins 2/3.
The best version of Sugar Ray Robinson at 160 would beat Hagler in my opinion..

Hagler was smart,but not as smart as Sugar Ray..Ray would handle Marvin's power quite well I think,as long as he didn't get hit too much by bombs..Robinson may go down but would get back up..Marvin can get overly aggressive..Sugar Ray would have to stay focused like I think he would through the whole fight to be able to pull off a W..Not too much you can say bad about either guy..Ray would use his amazing footwork and jab..Ray would need to get punches inbetween Halger's shots if Hagler gets overly aggressive..Hagler had a amazing chin so I doubt he'd get KO'd..SRR would not run from Hagler like SRL did,but he would give angles and make Hagler go off of what he was doing,not the other way around..

SRR would probably throw 90 punches a round like he did against LaMotta in the fight we've all seen..60 jabs and the rest power shots..He'd be able control the ring this way..

SRR by UD..Close fight but SRR gets it..
^^^ Yeah I agree.

I do think Sugar would be able to hurt Hagler enough to keep him honest too. The speed at which his punches came really was the reason he was so deadly.

I think Sugar comes out winning a UD.
The Original MrFactor
At 160, Hagler beats him...Despite popular thinking, Hagler could box very well. As he got a bit older, he became a mad bomber. I think Hagler hacks away at Ray until he wilts down the stretch.
If your talking about the Robinson that fought Turpin then I agree.

But pre-Turpin version was still close enough to his prime to outbox and in spots hammer the slower Hagler.

Neither guy is going to stop the other. It would be a war thats for sure.
You know I get the feeling that whjoever won the 15th round would win the fight that is how close I think it would be.
Hagler is one of my all time favorite fighters and one thing is for certian this fight will go the distance but i just feel Robinson would be to quick for Marvin.

Robinson was at his best at 147lb but he was still a bad man at 160lb. I say Robinson's superior speed and skill will earn him a UD in highly competitive fight.
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