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Full Version: Victor Ortiz, Lamont Peterson.....Next Best Things for Boxing?
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what you guys think, i like both of these guys far as their skills so far, pretty sharp.

Ortiz from Cali, and Lamont from Washington D.C.
i lean towards ortiz... to me he has the pedigree...
Ortiz is very good and explosive but I won't buy into him just yet..I consider myself a fan of his but I want to see him challenged..He isn't going to KO dudes his whole career..I really feel they should get rid of his 1 loss just like they should of done the same for Roy Jones..DQs should be their own thing unless it was soo obvious like Golota low blowing Bowe..

Ortiz and Peterson should fight next instead of the fight Ortiz is having..It's kinda funny how both the guys you named are ranked 10 and 11 with Peterson being at 10..Peterson doesn't have the explosive power of Ortiz but he is very sharp as you said..I think a lot of people would be more excited to see N Ortiz fight though over Peterson..

Next big things for boxing??Andre Dirrell and Andre Ward!!I love watching both these guysl..I'd like to see Dirrell in there with Sakio Bika in the future..Right now though,him and Andre Ward need to fight..That'd be a great fight to see..I think Dirrell has more power but Ward has better technical skills..In that match up I'd say Ward but I'd really like to see how Ward handled Dirrell's power..He only has 1 KO more than Ward and also one less fight but Dirrell does have more power for sure..
I warmed up to Dirrell but hated his ass when he fought Curtis 'Showtime' Stevens (wtf happened to him? chincheckers are done??) Dirrell just ran and ran and stunk up the fight
think golden boy is hoping for ortiz to face mexican american following plus an exciting fighter... if he's the truth then def will be the future of boxing not just skills wise but in numbers perhaps taking the torch from DLH

his skills are looking good for his age but until i see him against legit comp like a paulie, zab or holt gonna wait to make a prediction that hell be the future
I don't like Dirrell one bit... I can't wait to see him KTFO.
King Eugene
To me they are both unproven. Call me crazy but I dont want to see a bout between these two quite yet...I want them to grab a bigger fan base and a following so it becomes some what of a super fight.

I think the WBC made Ward vs. Dirrell a mandatory bout and the winner is the mandatory to fight Froch.
Im not too big on Lamont... I actually think Anthony is better.
Ortiz and JuanMa Lopez are the future of boxing in my opinion.

Im not too big on the Peterson brothers i don't see either on of thme being a force in the sport.
My buddy's cousin, Danny Garcia is fighting on FNF this wknd, he's signed to GBP as well, would like to finally see how he looks in the ring
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