For those who saw this fight we know that everything under the sun was done to help Coggi, giving new meaning to the hometown fighter advantage-To review the main points:

1.) A cornermen holding up his fighter to keep from getting stopped. (Luis Spada the trainer of Coggi helping him stay upright by holding up his trunks while the ref Isidro Rodriguez did nothing.

2.) The ref in this fight actually helping Coggi stay upright when the fight should have been stopped.

3.) The ref allowing tons of flagrant holding and hitting tactics by Coggi with no warnings or point deductions, nothing.

4.) Rounds ending early by as much as 30 seconds too soon to give Coggi illegal time to recover.

5.) Coggi getting help from an unidentified man in a suit who was allowed onto the ring apron to give instructions to the fighter.

6.) The ref not enforcing conventional go the farthest neutral corner following a knockdown.

7.) The judges amazingly all having Coggi ahead

One of the most inept and corrupt fights ever witnessed. What I don't understand is that the WBA supposedly banned the ref Isidro Rodriguez for life, but according to Box Rec, he worked the WBA SuperBantomweight Title fight between Antonio Cermeno and Jose Rojas in 1997.

Why was he allowed to work this fight if banned for life? My belief is that the Venezwalan Boxing Commission, (home of the WBA, actually) overturned the ban, but why? (This was however the last fight this officiial worked as ref. However, the WBA had him work two fights after this hidious officiating as a judge:

Kahlaid Rahiolu vs. Marty Jacobowski (WBA Super Lightweight Title) and

Darung Chuvatna vs. Nana Kondau (WBA Bantomweight Title.)

Two questions, please research. If anyone from the WBA remembers this please post.

1.) Did Mr, Rodriguez appeal his ban? Why was he allowed to work once as a ref again and twice as a judge?

2.) In reviewing the fight who was the promoter and timekeeper? Supposedly the timekeeper was fired.

3.) Did the WBA question the ref and timekeeper concerning the actions of this fight? What were their answers for their actions? What about Mr. Spada holding up his fighter?

4.) Where their any fines or other penalties imposed for the gross and criminal officiating of this fight? Was their documented proof that the fight was fixed? Or was it shown to simply be favoritism and incompetence?

Your help is appreciated. Thank you!