i really dont know what to think

i think a Pac vs Mosley/Cotto would be great

i even think PBF vs JMM would be competitive at 140/143

but it seems fighters are getting criticised for entertaining the idea

i totally agree with the weight divisions, i think there is a little too many in the lower weight classes

but all in all its in the best interest of the fighters

the questin is what really is feasible

here's the crazy thing Hatton apart from PBF never really warmed to taking on welterweights, there's a big reason for that given that people like Pwill (6'1") would simply be too big for Hatton

but all of a sudden Mosly, Cotto and even Margarito wanna fight Pac????

i think Pac's best weight is 140 - 142

he fought at welterweight but was under the limit

also in this day and age of nutritionist and dieticians its much easier for fighters to dehydrate and rehydrate in a short period. this is exactly why there are natural middleweights in that division

im not sure so hopefully somene like hype, lightsout or johnnyblaze can confirm this but i think todays welterweights are bigger and more powerful than those of the past

that being said it does drain some fighters making weight

if mosley comes down to 144 and losses the weight will get blamed

conversely Pac will get credit for beating a larger guy

shoudl the reverse happen then the same principle applies, Pac is too small and Mosley beat a great figther

i really think its unfair to both fighters whatever the outcome, cause whilst one side appluauds the achievement another will surely criticise the outcome

that being said i really really wanna see the fight the happen and cant criticse the little guy going after the big guy or the big guy going after the pound for pound best