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Full Version: in defense of Cotto
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man i cant blive ssome of the hate for cotto

firstly i think clottey lost the fight instead of cotto winning it but regardless you cant blame cotto for the judges decision

cotto has always been a stand up guy, he didnt blame margarito cause he didnt know for sure and he accepts its his fault for not checking

also the guy helps out young boxers in PR with his own promotion company and also established a chartiable organization

the guy may have been defensive and evasive at the end but he didnt quit which was his right to, when the accidental headbutt took place

also people seem to be couting him out....


he didnt look as good pre-marg but the guy isnt even 30 yet

there are numerous instances when fighters have come from losses to become even better than before

frazier had been ruled out as fodder after being destroyed by foreman, yet he gave ali probably the toughest fight of his life

also manny won a fight with marquez which he arguably lost (he himself said he was supriesed he got decision) and has gone on to become a better fighter

I like Cotto, I sure do not count him out either. But the truth is he did not look like the Cotto of old the other night. But Clottey is one tough dude, and Cotto had a huge nasty cut. The truth is we will have to wait and see in his next fight or fights if he is actually on the decline or not. Maybe Cotto needs a new team, a nice rest, and maybe a lesser fighter next time out? But if he does end up fighting Pac and in fact winning, then it will be like he's back, or Pac was too small, or Pac was overrated, etc. There are always excuses no matter what happens.
You aren't going to make many friends when you spend the championship rounds on your bicycle....
I personally think cotto is done! I can't see him beating any of the top welterweights he looked slow,punches were wide bringing them up from his waist line.after that devastating knockout loss he looks like he lost a step,he had heart coming at clottey but I gotta say them last few rounds ,he RAN! I haven't seen someone run like that since oscar vs tito! And people say Floyd runs?? Not like cotto did !
It's funny that people say Cotto is done. He just beat a very good welterweight with one eye. LMAO. He may not beat Pacquiao but he would be competetive with every single welterweight out there.
LOL! Cotto is good. He has a lot of weaknesses like a shaky chin at 140, etc. etc. But he seems to be doing well for his abilities. Fought Margarito, Mosley. Did what he has to do. Rides on his bike when his physical conditioning is not up to it and punch opponents to death when he can.
QUOTE (Nay_Sayer @ Jun 17 2009, 03:41 AM) *
You aren't going to make many friends when you spend the championship rounds on your bicycle....

True, indeed. That's why Gayweather doesn't have a lot of friends because he's on his bike for 12 rounds on a lot of occasions.
QUOTE (torvix2000 @ Jun 17 2009, 07:10 AM) *
True, indeed. That's why Gayweather doesn't have a lot of friends because he's on his bike for 12 rounds on a lot of occasions.

with the exception of the Baldomir fight where Floyd hurt his hand, which fight has he been on his bike for 12 rounds?
dmarv, i agree with you. he has a piece of the welter championship, only 1 loss to a guy with possible loaded wraps, and just fought an even fight with a guy that had a piece of the 47 championship. i cant see how he is really a diminished fighter.
Cotto is good IMO. He is not all that & a bag of chips but he is good enough to hang with anyone at 147.

Put it this way Ray Robinson he ain't but he is a decent enough fighter.

I think Pac would wreck him but that is to do with the combination that Pac brings which is a laser like left & speed which gives him power. Cotto could suprise me & beat Pac but I don't think so.
Cotto just beat a top welterweight with a granite chin and Cotto had a fountain of blood pouring into his left eye. He could have easily said he couldn't see out of his left eye and they would have stopped it. Their will ALWAYS be haters.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jun 17 2009, 06:23 PM) *
Against DLH for about 35:50 mins. In the 12th round when he heard the 10 second warning, he then started to trade with DLH.

Rewatch the fight Fitz. Floyd fought in the pocket a good amount in that fight.
QUOTE (Nay_Sayer @ Jun 16 2009, 10:41 PM) *
You aren't going to make many friends when you spend the championship rounds on your bicycle....

thats one way to look at it

the other is to credit him for not stopping given that he had every right to with a deep cut like that

also its not like clottey is a chump
King Eugene
Floyd fights smart. He moves when he needs too and will sit in the pocket when he wants too. Thing is whichever he is doing its hard as hell to get a clean shot on him.

As far as Cotto he is not done. His armor was chipped a little but he's still a beast in the WW division. I think Pac's speed would give him fits though. He wont be able to stop Pac from landing clean shots on him. My question is will his clean shots affect Manny either. Thats the big question.
I dont know, I kind of liked him when he was coming up back in 2002. They have been hyping him up for some time though, he was on FNF, on the undercard of DLH-Vargas, then he started headlining those latin fury ppv cards. I just never thought he was all that though. I mean he's a solid boxer, who can put on an entertaining fight, but he's not all that to me. He caught a couple nice breaks against Ricardo Torres and DeMarcus Corley. After that, I never saw the hype around him. I thought he was overrated, and still do think he's overrated. Judah stunned him good in the first round, then Cotto goes with the nut shots. He throws Clottey on purpose, goes on his bike, then HBO makes him out to be some type of gladiator. He has heart no doubt, and I respect anybody that gets between those ropes. However, I just don't see it in this dude. I think he loses to Mosley, Clottey, and Margarito in rematches, and he'll get destroyed against Pac Man.
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