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Byrd Man
Okay with the new Fight Night Round 4 being out now (I get mine next week) I wanted to post about an idea I had for a nice feature for a game. Maybe this has been done before in another game, I don't know.

Have a "create a boxer" type feature, where you can set up your guy at say...lightweight. As you work your way up the rankings you can build up your fighters skills/attributes (ala Knockout Kings 2000). Once you get to the top and fight the champ plus the Hall of Famers at that weight class, you have the option of adding some pounds (thus losing some speed, power etc) and move up to the next weight class. And as you work your way up that weight class, once again you build up your power/speed/chin/etc.

All the way up until your fighter, starting out as a lightweight, will be bulked up and fighting as a heavyweight.

I think this would really provide a challenge for fighters. Each level you go up (weight class wise) you pack on more pounds, but you lose power/speed/chin and have to rebuild that up plus get more.

Maybe this would be a dumb idea to some, but I always wondered why that kinda thing has never been done (to my knowledge).

Granted, I haven't played a boxing game since Knockout Kings 2000...
Great idea!

It will also make every campaign/career unique. Like some fighters bringing up their power with them, and losing punch resistance in combination. Or Losing power but developing more punch resistance.
The Original MrFactor
Didnt they already do this in FNr3?
QUOTE (The Original MrFactor @ Jun 28 2009, 04:31 AM) *
Didnt they already do this in FNr3?

i was gonna say fnr3 offered the chance to move up and down in weight...
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